Lake Ozark Speedway Results and Stories and Highlight Video

Friday, April 26, 2019
Bobby Allen
Bobby Allen

Lake Ozark Speedway
Eldon, MO

WoO and POWRi Racesaver Sprints

32 WoO
5 Racesavers


David Gravel (14th car to time) used a high line in one and two and a low line in three and four on the 3/8-mile dry-slick surface to set quick time at 11.714 seconds.  Daryn Pittman (9th car out) was second quick, followed by Sheldon Haudenschild (11th), Brad Sweet (15th), Kerry Madsen (2nd), Cale Thomas (20th), Kraig Kinser (13th), Lynton Jeffrey (29th), Ian Madsen (12th) and Carson Short (19th).  Rico Abreu had issues in his time slot and came out at the end for one lap.  Frank Rodgers failed to get a time in.

Heat one (started): 1. K. Madsen 2m (2) 2. Gravel 41 (1) 3. Sammy Swindell 1 (4) 4. I. Madsen 18 (3) 5. Logan Schuchart 1s (5) / 6. Brian Brown 21 (7) 7. Rico Abreu 24 (8) 8. Justin Peck 5x (6)

10-lap heats took the top two to the Dash and the top five to the feature.  K. Madsen led the distance in this one that saw a mostly single-file parade.  Brown worked hard on Schuchart’s bumper for the final transfer, but came up short.

Heat two (started): 1. Pittman 83 (1) 2. Thomas 91 (2) 3. Terry McCarl 4 (4) 4. Jason Sides 7s (3) 5. Carson Macedo 2 (5) / 6. Joe B. Miller 51B (6) 7. C. Short 21x (8) 8. Paul Nienhiser 9x (7)

 Pittman was gone in this one taking first-time Dash participant Thomas with him.  It was a tough heat for C. Short.  The team mistakenly thought they were in a different heat, relegating him to the back from the second row.  He broke into a transfer spot on the first lap, but an attempted slider from Macedo forced him into the turn two wall at the halfway point.  He kept it going, but lost a couple of spots, while Macedo took the last transfer.

Heat three (started): 1. Haudenschild 17 (1) 2. Donny Schatz 15 (4) 3. Kinser 11K (2) 4. Brent Marks 19 (3) 5. Hunter Schuerenberg G1 (6) / 6. Scotty Thiel 64 (5) 7. Dustin Barks 22 (7) DNS – Steve Short 8s

Haudenschild led wire to wire on top, while Schatz ran the low side on the two groove surface.  Schuerenberg took the final transfer from Barks on lap two.

Heat four (started): 1. Jeffrey 83R (2) 2. Sweet 49 (1) 3. Shane Stewart 5 (4) 4. Chad Kemenah 45 (6) 5. Jacob Allen 1a (3) / 6. Mason Daniel 33m (7) 7. Bill Balog 17B (5) 8. Frank Rodgers 68 (8)

Jeffrey led Sweet the whole way.  Stewart and Kemenah swapped third in a good battle.  Six laps in, Rodgers lost a brake caliper, bringing a caution.  There was nothing to grip up top.  Balog was busting it up there looking to advance, but it was no dice.

Dash (started): 1. Pittman (1) 2. Sweet (2) 3. Thomas (3) 4. Gravel (7) 5. K. Madsen (6) 6. Haudenschild (4) 7. Schatz (8) 8. Jeffrey (5)

The 8-lap Dash set the first four rows of the feature.  Pittman led Thomas and Sweet early.  Haudenschild used the high side to grab third on lap two from Sweet, but Sweet returned the favor four laps later.  Gravel would follow into fourth.  Sweet gained second from Thomas on the final lap.

B main (started): 1. C. Short (1) 2. Thiel (2) 3. Brown (5) 4. Balog (3) / 5. Miller (6) 6. Peck (4) 7. Barks (7) 8. Abreu (9) 9. Nienhiser (10) 10. Daniel (8) 11. S. Short (11) DNS – Rodgers

The 12-lapper started with a good battle for the lead between C. Short and Balog.  Thiel entered the mix, and gained second on lap six.  Miller was holding the fourth and final transfer from Brown before a caution opened things up when Daniel spun with four to go.  Brown jumped up to third, while the last transfer was up for grabs between Balog and Miller.  Balog went high in three and four on the last lap, while Miller had a run.  Balog would hold Miller, who was performing a wheelie to the checkers, by six-thousandths of a second.
Brad SweetBrad Sweet A main (started): 1. Sweet (2) 2. Gravel (4) 3. Schatz (7) 4. Stewart (12) 5. Pittman (1) 6. Macedo (18) 7. Haudenschild (6) 8. I. Madsen (13) 9. Thomas (3) 10. K. Madsen (5) 11. Marks (15) 12. Schuchart (17) 13. Kinser (11) 14. Swindell (9) 15. McCarl (10) 16. C. Short (21) 17. Sides (14) 18. Brown (23) 19. Jeffrey (8) 20. Kemenah (16) 21. Allen (20) 22. Balog (24) 23. Schuerenberg (19) 24. Thiel (22)

The 40-lapper started with Pittman being penalized a row for starting early.  Sweet jumped out to the early advantage over Pittman and Thomas.  Gravel gained third from Thomas on the second lap.  The leaders were in lapped traffic on the eighth circuit.  Haudenschild moved by K. Madsen into the top four on lap eleven.  Pittman and Gravel had a great race for second.  K. Madsen would get back under Haudenschild for fourth on lap 17.  The two would be joined by Schatz in a trio you could throw a blanket over.  At the halfway point, Schatz went from sixth to fourth.  On lap 23, Gravel took second from Pittman.  With ten laps to go, Schuerenberg flipped after contact with another car, bringing out he red, and erasing an almost four-second lead for Sweet.  Schatz moved up to third on the restart.  On lap 32, Gravel used the high side to take the lead from Sweet as the crowd rooted on the local Jason Johnson Racing car.  As the leaders re-entered lapped traffic with three to go, Sweet would regain his momentum and retake the lead, going on to win.  Macedo was the hard-charger.
Mike MooreMike Moore POWRi Racesavers

Heat (started): 1. Mike Moore 69 (3) 2. Kaitlyn Boland 15K (1) 3. J Kinder 88 (4) 4. Kenny Potter 55 (5) 5. Jack Potter 15 (2)

Moore led the distance in the 8-lapper, trailed by Boland.  Kinder grabbed third on lap two. 

A main (started): 1. Moore (1) 2. K. Potter (4) 3. J. Potter (5) 4. Kinder (3) 5. Boland (2)

The feature was lined straight-up from the heat.  Moore would pull away to lead the distance.  Kinder and J. Potter had a great battle for second.  J Potter would grab second on lap 9.  K. Potter took third from Kinder on the next lap, and then pass J. Potter for second with four to go.  It was Moore’s first appearance at LOS since racing a midget there “ten or twelve years ago.”