Eagle Raceway Results and Stories

Saturday, June 27, 2020
By Greg Soukup

With relaxed restrictions a larger crowd of fans was allowed into Eagle Raceway Saturday evening for the Star-Spangled Showdown presented by Colby Ridge Popcorn. Another beautiful night coupled with plenty of cars in the pits gave the fans a great show in just 3 ½ hours.

There were no significant incidents in the preliminary events.

Troy Sanford led the initial circuit of the Duros Dent Works Racesaver IMCA Sprint Car A Feature. Close behind were Neil Nickolite’s 12N, the 0 of Chase Weiler and Ryan King’s 93. Josh Riggins looped the 14J in turns 1 & 2 on lap 10 and the yellow flag was displayed. 2 laps after the restart Toby Chapman jumped the 40X into fourth. Sanford looped it in turn 4 for another caution. At that time it was Nickolite, King, Chapman and the 51 of Mike Boston. King passed Nickolite on the restart and Chapman followed him into second the next circuit. Nate Weiler spun in turn 4 the next time around to slow the action yet again. Chapman grabbed the lead on the restart with Adam Gullion putting the 91 into fourth. Gullion moved to third with 6 to go and took second the following lap. The final top 4 were Chapman, Gullion, King and Boston.

Next weekend is Eagle Raceway’s annual Fourth of July Freedom Fest. There will be a Red, White and Blue Challenge at intermission with the area’s largest fireworks display following the final feature.

Front gates open at 5:00, hot laps begin at 5:30 with racing at 6:30. Adult admission is $15, youths 6-12 are just $5 and children 5 and under are free.

All 5 classes will be competing including the Duros Dent Works Racesaver IMCA Sprint Cars, Nebraska Lottery IMCA Modifieds, Coors Light IMCA Sportmods, Valentino’s IMCA Hobby Stocks and ATV Motorsports IMCA Sport Compacts. Pit gates open at 3:30.


IMCA Sprint A-Feature 1. Toby Chapman Panama, Ne. 2. Adam Gullion Lincoln, Ne. 3. Ryan King Bennet, Ne. 4. Mike Boston Lincoln, Ne. 5. Neil Nickolite Bellwood, Ne. 6. Trevor Grossenbacher Panama, Ne. 7. Tyler Drueke Eagle, Ne. 8. Stuart Snyder Lincoln, Ne. 9. Gunnar Pike(r) South Bend, Ne. 10. Clint Benson Papillion, Ne. 11. Gene Ackland Martell, Ne. 12. Doug Lovegrove Waverly, Ne. 13. Josh Riggins(r) Lincoln, Ne. 14. Chase Weiler Lincoln, Ne. 15. Troy Sanford(r) Lincoln, Ne. 16. Tim Fricke Lincoln, Ne. 17. Alex Salzman Lincoln, Ne. 18. Nathan Weiler Lavista, Ne. 19. Jay Russell Elmwood, Ks. 20. Andrew Jackson Fremont, Ne. 21. Tim Hilfiker Greenwood, Ne.

IMCA Sprint B-Feature 1. Jay Russell Elmwood, Ks. 2. Tim Fricke Lincoln, Ne. 3. Andrew Jackson Fremont, Ne. 4. Nathan Weiler Lavista, Ne. 5. Tim Hilfiker Greenwood, Ne. 6. Tyler Drueke Eagle, Ne. DNS. Jason Danley Lincoln, Ne. DNS. Jordan Grabouski(r) Beatrice, Ne.

IMCA Sprint Heat 1 1. Troy Sanford(r) Lincoln, Ne. 2. Trevor Grossenbacher Panama, Ne. 3. Gene Ackland Martell, Ne. 4. Mike Boston Lincoln, Ne. 5. Doug Lovegrove Waverly, Ne. 6. Jay Russell Elmwood, Ks. 7. Andrew Jackson Fremont, Ne. 8. Jordan Grabouski(r) Beatrice, Ne.

IMCA Sprint Heat 2 1. Josh Riggins(r) Lincoln, Ne. 2. Ryan King Bennet, Ne. 3. Stuart Snyder Lincoln, Ne. 4. Chase Weiler Lincoln, Ne. 5. Gunnar Pike(r) South Bend, Ne. 6. Tim Fricke Lincoln, Ne. 7. Nathan Weiler Lavista, Ne. 8. Tyler Drueke Eagle, Ne.

IMCA Sprint Heat 3 1. Clint Benson Papillion, Ne. 2. Neil Nickolite Bellwood, Ne. 3. Adam Gullion Lincoln, Ne. 4. Toby Chapman Panama, Ne. 5. Alex Salzman Lincoln, Ne. 6. Jason Danley Lincoln, Ne. 7. Tim Hilfiker Greenwood, Ne.