I-80 Fall Brawl/Bobby Parker Memorial Results and Stories

Saturday, September 12, 2020
Missing Man Formation at I-80 Speedway for Stewart Alley (Video Highlights from Racinboys.com)
Missing Man Formation at I-80 Speedway for Stewart Alley (Video Highlights from Racinboys.com)
I-80 Speedway
Greenwood, NE
ASCS and Nebraska 360’s
Fall Brawl and Bobby Parker Memorial
41 cars
Plenty of extra cash and contingencies were on the line at the annual Fall Haul.  A rainout of Friday’s Bobby Parker Memorial created a co-sanctioned event with ASCS and the Nebraska 360’s.  Much kudos to the track staff including Joe and Steve Kosiski for getting the soggy pit area ready and parked with 70 rigs in an hour and a half in time for scheduled hot laps at 6.
Heat one (started): 1. Jordan Mallett 14 (2) 2. Kyle Offill 88K (1) 3. Jesse Love 44 (3) 4. Terry McCarl 81 (5) 5. Shayle Bade 03 (7) 6. Alex Hill 77x (4) 7. Clint Garner 40 (8) 8. Ben Woods 11B (6) DNS – Austin Miller 83A
8-lap heats carried passing points.  The top 30 in passing points moved on to three Qualifiers.  Miller pulled off and didn’t start with no brakes.  Mallett led the distance.  T. McCarl had a rough start, but was back in the top five by the halfway point.  With two to go, he got by Bade for fourth.
Heat two (started): 1. Dylan Westbrook 47x (7) 2. Blake Hahn 52 (3) 3. Ryan Bickett 17B (1) 4. Danny Sams III 24D (2) 5. Carson McCarl 27 (6) 6. Lynton Jeffrey 83 (8) 7. Rich Cerveny 28x (5) 8. John Anderson 1A (4)
Bickett led Sams and C. McCarl early.  Hahn took third from C. McCarl on lap two, while Jeffrey moved into fifth.  Jeffrey would spin after tagging Westbrook, who had gotten by him for fifth.  Westbrook quickly took fourth on the restart, followed Hahn into third on lap five.  The pair passed the leader Bickett with two to go.  Westbrook who was running low the whole time, hit the high side of three and four on the last lap, with Hahn blocking low.  Westbrook squeezed between the leader and the frontstretch wall to lead by a narrow margin at the checkers.
Heat three (started): 1. Jack Dover 53 (4) 2. Sam Hafertepe Jr. 15H (8) 3. Scott Bogucki 28 (5) 4. Cody Ledger 35L (6) 5. Joey Danley 24BH (2) 6. Tyler Drueke 1B (3) 7. Nate Mills 24N (1) 8. Trent Roth 14T (7)
Danley spun before a lap was complete.  Dover led lap one, but Hafertepe was already hot on his tail after starting scratch.  Ledger took third from Bogucki on lap two.  The war up front waged, and Hafertepe took the point on lap three, only to have Dover come back to the lead for good at the halfway point.  Bogucki snatched third back as well.
Heat four (started): 1. Roger Crockett 11 (3) 2. Harli White 17w (1) 3. Austin McCarl 99 (2) 4. Robbie Price 21P (4) 5. Matt Juhl 09 (6) 6. Jason Martin 82 (8) 7. Chase Randall 9 (5) 8. Kelby Watt 1K (7)
White led A. McCarl and Crockett early.  Watt got upside down hard in turn three with a lap completed.  He was ok, but done for the night.  White led A. McCarl, Crockett, Price and Martin back to green.  Juhl moved into fifth on the restart.  Crockett took second from A. McCarl on lap three and set his sights on White.  He looked high and low, and shot by on the final lap to end another exciting heat race.
Heat five (started): 1. Garret Williamson 24 (6) 2. Matt Covington 95 (1) 3. Stu Snyder 23s (4) 4. John Klabunde 77 (7) 5. Seth Brahmer 13v (3) 6. Devon Borden 8 (8) 7. Colby Thornhill 19 (2) 8. Rowdy Reber 88 (5)
Williamson shot to the lead immediately after starting sixth.  Covington didn’t give up without a fight and led lap two in a good battle, while Snyder took third from Thornhill.  Brahmer took fourth on lap three.  Up front, Williamson again took command.  Klabunde used the low side to advance late.  He was fifth at the halfway point, and grabbed fourth from Brahmer coming for the white flag.  He was right on Snyder’s heels at the checkers.
Qualifier One (started, *qualified for feature): 1. A. McCarl (1*) 2. Dover (5*) 3. Westbrook (6*) 4. Offill (3*) 5. Juhl (8*) 6. Hahn (4*) 7. Martin (9) 8. Bade (7) 9. Snyder (2) 10. Danley (10)
8-lap Qualifiers were inverted six by heat passing points.  Qualifier points were added to heat points, locking the top 16 in the A main.  A. McCarl led the distance from the pole, ahead of Dover, who was second by the copleteion of the first lap.  Westbrook moved by Offill into third on the second lap.
Qualifier Two (started, *qualified for feature): 1. T. McCarl (1*) 2. Bogucki (4*) 3. Crockett (5*) 4. White (3*) 5. Ledger (2) 6. Williamson (6*) 7. Garner (10) 8. Sams (8) 9. Price (7) 10. Borden (9)
T. McCarl led wire to wire.  Bogucki took second from Ledger on lap two.  Crockett passed Williamson for fifth on lap three, took White on the high side for fourth on lap four, and snatched third from Ledger on lap six.  White scooted by Ledger for fourth on the last lap.
Qualifier Three (started, *qualified for feature): 1. Hafertepe (6*) 2. Bickett (1*) 3. C. McCarl (7*) 4. Covington (3*) 5. Mallett (5*) 6. Love (2) 7. Klabunde (4) 8. Brahmer (9) 9. Jeffrey (8) 10. Hill (10)
Hill flipped after contact with Jeffrey before a lap was completed.  She was ok, but done for the night.  Bickett led early over Covington and Hafertepe.  C. McCarl got by Love for fourth on the second lap, while Hafertepe was shooting into second.  C. McCarl worked by Covington for third on lap five.  Hafertepe worked by Bickett for the lead with two to go.
B main one (started): 1. Ledger (1) 2. Garner (3) 3. Sams (4) / 4. Love (2) 5. Randall (9) 6. Jeffrey (6) 7. Drueke (8) 8. Snyder (5) 9. Mills (11) 10. Reber (12) 11. Roth (10) 12. Miller (13) 13. Danley (7)
12-lap B’s took the top three to the feature.  Ledger led Love and Garner early.  Garner worked by Love for second on lap two.  Love returned the favor in a good battle, before Garner repeated on lap four.  At the halfway point, Danley got upside down.  He was uninjured, but done.  Jeffrey restarted fourth, and shot into the last transfer when the green fell.  Randall was working the bottom well, and got by Love four fourth with two to go.  Miller spun at that point, setting up a green, white, checker finish.  Randall jumped the start, getting by Jeffrey at the cone.  He finished third, but was penalized two spots afterwards.  Sams inherited the spot.
B main two (started): 1. Brahmer (4) 2. Martin (2) 3. Borden (6) / 4. Price (5) 5. Bade (3) 6. Klabunde (1) 7. Thornhill (7) 8. Cerveny (8) 9. Woods (9) 10. Anderson (10) DNS – Hill, Watt
Brahmer led flag to flag.  Martin held down second.  Klabunde was running third much of the way.  On lap eight, Borden made a huge move, shooting from fifth to third into turn one.
A main (started): 1. Hafertepe (1) 2. Crockett (4) 3. A. McCarl (7) 4. Bogucki (5) 5. Covington (14) 6. Dover (3) 7. Westbrook (2) 8. C. McCarl (9) 9. T. McCarl (8) 10. Hahn (16) 11. Ledger (17) 12. Williamson (6) 13. Sams (21) 14. White (13) 15. Garner (19) 16. Mallett (10) 17. Thornhill (26, prov.) 18. Randall (23, prov.) 19. Brahmer (18) 20. Reber (24, prov.) 21. Bickett (11) 22. Cerveny (25, prov.) 23. Offill (12) 24. Juhl (15) 25. Martin (20) 26. Borden (22)
This was a wild 35-lapper, and a good one.  Hafertepe led Crockett, Westbrook, Dover and Bogucki early.  Crockett worked the low side to take the point from Hafertepe on lap five, and entered lapped traffic on lap seven.  Dover was on the move on lap 13, shooting from fourth to second on the high side.  Hafertepe battled back by a lap later for second, while Bogucki shot by Westbrook for fourth.  On lap 18, Bogucki used the high side to squeak by Dover for third.  21 laps in, Offill stopped while running seventh.  The restart saw Crockett leading with two lapped cars between he and Hafertepe, Bogucki, Dover, Westbrook and a charging A. McCarl.  A. McCarl shot from 6th to 4th on the restart.  Up front, the battle for the lead raged.  Hafertepe grabbed it back on lap 26, and entered lapped traffic with five to go.  At that point, Crockett got by to retake the lead, and the leaders crisscrossed each other with slide jobs.  Hafertepe got back by with three to go, before Bickett slowed to set up a green, white, checker finish.  A. McCarl worked under Bogucki for third, but Crockett couldn’t do anything with Hafertepe, who won $4,000 plus lap money.  A total of $7,000 in lap money (each lap: 1st - $50, 2nd - $30, 3rd - $20, 5th - $25, 10th - $50, 15th - $25) was spread throughout the field.  Covington took a $200 gift certificate from Speedway Motors for the hard-charger, and $500 cash from KnoxVegas Campground.  Crockett snagged $300 from Knoxville Raceway for leading the most laps.