Screven Motor Speedway Night #2 All Star Results and Stories

Saturday, January 30, 2021
Screven Motor Speedway Shrimp (Video Highlights from
Screven Motor Speedway Shrimp (Video Highlights from
Screven Motor Speedway
Sylvania, GA
All Stars
38 cars
A meal was provided for everyone pitside to start things off.  Boiled shrimp, Shepherd’s Pie, Pork, Mac and cheese, potatoes and much more.  A huge thanks to the staff at Screven Motorsports Park.
Donny Schatz (18th car out to time) set quick time for the second night in a row at 12.810 seconds on the 1/3-mile.  Tyler Courtney (24th car out) was second quick, followed by Gio Scelzi (16th), Kyle Reinhardt (36th), Scotty Thiel (6th), Sheldon Haudenschild (13th), Kerry Madsen (15th), Sam Hafertepe Jr. (26th), Cory Eliason (19th) and Aaron Reutzel (23rd).  Skylar Gee, Ian Madsen and Sean Rayhall had issues in hot laps.  Thiel, Schatz, Courtney and Reinhardt set quick time in their respective groups.  Gee would scratch for the night, while I. Madsen would as well, though he got a time in.
Heat one (started): 1. Carson Short 21 (1) 2. Anthony Macri 39m (3) 3. Jacob Allen 1a (2) 4. Thiel 73 (4) 5. Cole Duncan 22 (5) / 6. Tony Stewart 14 (6) 7. Mason Daniel 33m (9) 8. Brent Marks 5 (8) 9. Danny Dietrich 48 (7) 10. Mark Imler 40 (10)
8-lap heats took the winner to the Dash and the fastest car of the heat (starting outside row two) as well, if they finished in the top five spots qualifying for the A.  Short led Allen and Macri early.  Macri shot by Allen for second don the second lap.  Stewart tagged the wall while running fifth on lap five and Duncan shot past for the final transfer.  Dietrich spun with three to go.
Heat two (started): 1. Haudenschild 17 (2) 2. K. Madsen 101 (1) 3. Scelzi 18 (3) 4. Eliason 26 (5) 5. RJ Jacobs 18J (6) / 6. Jamie Myers 1 (7) 7. Carson McCarl 27 (8) 8. Nick Tucker 70 (9) 9. Sean Rayhall 14R (10) DQ (Scales, Crossed 3rd) Schatz (4)
Haudenschild led the distance.  Rayhall spun bringing a caution one laps in. Schatz pressured K. Madsen throughout, and then missed the scales on his way off, bringing a DQ.  Jacobs garnered the fifth and final transfer as a result.
Heat three (started): 1. Reutzel 83 (2) 2. Justin Peck 13 (1) 3. Courtney 7BC (4) 4. Hafertepe Jr. 15H (3) 5. Brock Zearfoss 3z (5) / 6. Brad Howard 49H (6) 7. Cale Conley 3c (9) 8. Tyler Ross 75 (7) 9. Danny Smith 4 (8)
Reutzel led wire to wire.  Smith tipped over two laps in, but continued.  Courtney took third from Hafertepe on the restart.  Ross spun after challenging for a transfer with three laps to go.
Heat four (started): 1. Hunter Schuerenberg 55 (2) 2. Kraig Kinser 11K (1) 3. Logan Schuchart 1s (4) 4. Reinhardt 91 (3) 5. Chris Myers 25 (6) / 6. Brandon Conkel 08 (5) 7. Craig Pellegrini 27c (7) DNS – Ian Madsen 11, Skylar Gee 28
Schuerenberg led flag to flag in a mostly single-file event.
Dash one (started): 1. Scelzi (1) 2. Hafertepe (3) 3. Courtney (5) 4. Reinhardt (2) 5. K. Madsen (4)
4-lap dashes set the first five rows (Dash one the inside rows, Dash two the outsides).   K. Madsen had help from behind when he spun on the rfirst lap.  Scelzi led from there.  Courtney shot by Reinhardt for third on lap two.
Dash two (started): 1. Haudenschild (2) 2. Reutzel (1) 3. Short (3) 4. Schuerenberg (5) 5. Thiel (4)
B main (started): 1. Schatz (1) 2. Daniel (7) 3. Marks (10) 4. Conkel (5) / 5. Ross (11) 6. Conley (6) 7. McCarl (9) 8. Tucker (13) 9. C. Myers (4) 10. Rayhall (15) 11. Imler (14) 12. Stewart (3) 13. Pellegrini (8) 14. Howard (2) 15. Smith (12) DNS – I. Madsen, Dietrich, Gee
The 12-lap B took the top four to the feature.  Schatz led Stewart, Daniel and Conkel early.  Stewart and Schatz put on a nice battle with Tony taking the lead on lap two before a Howard spin.  Schatz took the lead back after the restart, and Marks took fifth from McCarl.  Howqard spun again.  That restart saw Daniel take wnd from Stewart and Marks got by Conkel into the fourth and final transfer.  Marks took third from Stewart on the white flag lap.  Stewart slowed to a stop on the final circuit and Conkel grabbed fourth.
Aaron Reutzel won Saturday at Screven Motor SpeedwayAaron Reutzel won Saturday at Screven Motor Speedway A main (started): 1. Reutzel (4) 2. Reinhardt (7) 3. Hafertepe Jr. (3) 4. Schatz (21) 5. Peck (12) 6. Scelzi (1) 7. K. Madsen (9) 8. Schuchart (15) 9. Macri (11) 10. Kinser (13) 11. Allen (14) 12. Eliason (16) 13. Haudenschild (2) 14. Courtney (5) 15. Schuerenberg (8) 16. Thiel (10) 17. Marks (23) 18. Zearfoss (17) 19. Jacobs (18) 20. C. Myers (20) 21. Conkel (24) 22. Short (6) 23. Daniel (22) 24. Duncan (19)
Courtney performed a 360 spin before a lap could be completed.  It collected Schuerenberg, Daniel and Schatz.  All restarted at the tail.  Contact from Zearfoss sent Duncan into the wall on the restart.  He was unhurt.  Haudenschild led Scelzi and Reutzel early in the 35-lapper.  Hafertepe worked by Reutzel for third on lap two, but Reutzel slid him to return the favor on the following lap.  Haudenschild entered lapped traffic on lap seven.  Reutzel pressured Scelzi for second before getting by on lap 18.  Hafertepe followed him by for third as Scelzi took a while to regain his momentum.  Daniel got into the turn one wall nineteen laps in.  Haudenschild led Reutzel, Hafertepe, Scelzi and Reinhardt back to green.  Schatz had climbed from the tail to tenth.  Peck shot into fifth on the restart, while Schatz climbed to eighth.  Peck took fourth from Scelzi on lap 22.  Reutzel passed Haudenschild in traffic on lap 24.  Three laps later, Sheldon spun in turn one, giving up second.  Reutzel led Hafertepe, Peck, Scelzi and Reinhardt back to green.  Schatz moved up to sixth on the restart, and then took Scelzi for fifth on lap 29.  Meanwhile, Reinhardt was gaining steam, getting by Peck for third.  Short shucked a rear end with three laps to go.  The final dash saw Reutzel hold them off, while Reinhard moved into second, and Schatz, the hard-charger, fourth.  Reutzel earned $10,000 for his win.