Lakeside ASCS Results and Stories

Tuesday, August 2, 2022
Blake Hahn won a thriller at Lakeside Tuesday night (John Lee - High Fly-N Photo)Blake Hahn won a thriller at Lakeside Tuesday night (John Lee - High Fly-N Photo) 8/2/22

Lakeside Speedway
Kansas City, KS


20 cars

Cars qualified against their heat groups.  Gunner Ramey was the quickest in the first group at 15.147 seconds.  That set a new track record, until Blake Hahn bested him, leading group two with a  15.027 second lap.  Jason Martin set quick time in the third group at 15.336.

Heat one (started): 1. Brandon Anderson 55B (1) 2. Rusty Hickman 45 (2) 3. Riley Goodno 22 (3) 4. Tim Crawley 1x (6) 5. Ramey 21 (4) 6. Dylan Postier 10P (5) 7. Landon Crawley 187 (7)

8-lap heats had an invert of four and took the top three to the redraw.  Anderson led the distance, in a mostly single file affair.  Ramey challenged Crawley, but came up short of fourth. 

Heat two (started): 1. Matt Covington 95 (2) 2. Ryan Timms 5T (1) 3. Hahn 52 (4) 4. Wayne Johnson 2c (3) 5. Chris Morgan 7c (6) 6. Miles Paulus 98P (5) 7. Ryan Bickett 17B (7)

Covington got the jump here and led wire to wire.  Bickett exited early.  Another single-file race on a fast track.  Paulus appeared to go up in smoke on the last lap.

Heat three (started): 1. Chase Porter 2P (1) 2. Martin 36 (4) 3. Landon Britt 10 (3) 4. Slater Helt 22s (2) 5. Dylan Opdahl 2 (5) DNS – Kyler Johnson 45x

K Johnson pulled off just before the green fell.  Porter led the distance, with not much passing.  You know what they say, boring heats make for a great feature.  That would be the case.

A main (started): 1. Hahn (3) 2. Covington (2) 3. Anderson (4) 4. Martin (1) 5. Timms (9) 6. W. Johnson (11) 7. Goodno (7) 8. Hickman (6) 9. Porter (5) 10. T. Crawley (10) 11. Paulus (17) 12. Britt (8) 13. Bickett (19) 14. L. Crawley (20) 15. Postier (18) 16. Ramey (12) 17. Helt (13) 18. Morgan (14) 19. K. Johnson (16) 20. Opdahl (15)

The 25-lapper saw Covington break away early, ahead of Martin, Anderson and Hahn.  Anderson took second from Martin on lap two, before K. Johnson got over the turn one cushion and flipped four laps in.  After the restart, Anderson and Martin exchanged the second spot at least four times in a great battle.  Meanwhile, Covington was using that opportunity to sail away.  Hahn snatched third from Martin before Covington hit lapped traffic on lap 12.  Hahn would continue his charge by getting by Anderson for second on lap 14.  While Covington seemed gone, great racing ensued back and forth in positions fifth and sixth, between Timms and W. Johnson.  Despite being well over a straightaway and 2.5 seconds behind Covington with five to go, Hahn slowly reeled Covington in and would not be denied.  He shot by him on the final lap in three and four on the low side to snatch the win from his fellow Oklahoma driver.  Paulus was the hard-charger.