Eagle Raceway Results and Stories

Saturday, May 20, 2023
By Greg Soukup

It would be hard to top Saturday for a fantastic way to spend an evening out! Armed Forces Night at Eagle Raceway saw a big crowd, a pit full of cars and the best racing so far this year. Drivers battled two and sometimes three wide on the high banks, keeping everyone on the edge of their seats.

There were no serious incidents in the preliminary racing.

Last was the A Main for the Twin Rivers IMCA Racesaver Sprint Cars. Mitchell Dvorak led the first circuit in the 99 with Jacob Dye’s 20D, the 51 of Mike Boston and Justin Bolte’s 17 close on his push bumper. Boston grabbed the lead on lap 2 as Bolte moved up to third. Cole Wayman vaulted up to third the next time around in the 18W. Wayman moved up to second the next lap with Dvorak third and Bolte holding onto fourth. Joey Danley got a big run a couple of laps later, moving to third in the #14. Lap 9 saw Josh Riggins put the 14J into fourth. Danley took over the second spot on lap 14. Gunnar Pike moved into the fourth position with 10 to go on lap 14. Gunnar Pike moved into the fourth position with 10 to go. Wayman passed Boston with 9 to go as Danley vaulted up to the lead. Shayle Bade did a 360 degree spin in turns 1 & 2 with 4 to go. She managed to keep going, but the yellow flag had already flown. Despite the best efforts of second through fourth positions, Danley held them off for the win with Wayman second, Boston third and Pike in fourth.

Joey started out twelfth tonight and related “I missed last week, racing my 360 in Norfolk. We won’t be here every week but we’re going to make the most of our chance to race here when we can and we got it done tonight. 2 or 3 laps in and I think I was somewhere close to the top 5 and just picked them off one by one after that. I think I was fast enough for third place tonight but the top 2 made a little mistake and I got around them. We’ll take it!”. Joey’s sponsors include Empire Fencing, The Wave, My Salesman, Nissen Hardwood Floors, Onyx Digital Group and High Performance Lubricants and Myers Racing Engines.

Next Saturday is the Memorial Day Extravaganza, presented by Twin Rivers. There will be a Gokart display in the courtyard as well as a Gokart exhibition at intermission. All 5 classes will be competing including the Twin Rivers Sprint Cars, Nebraska Lottery Modifieds, Avid Realty SportMods, A1 Iron Stock Cars & Valentino’s Hobby Stocks. Track, State, Regional & National Points for all classes.

Front gates open at 5:15 with adult admission being $15, youths 6-12 $5 and children 5 and under free.

Hot laps kick off at 5:30 with racing at 6:30.

Pit gates open at 3:45 with pit admission being $30.


Sprint-IMCA A-Feature
1. Joey Danley Martell, Ne. 2. Cole Wayman(r) Lincoln, Ne. 3. Mike Boston Lincoln, Ne. 4. Gunnar Pike South Bend, Ne. 5. Josh Riggins Lincoln, Ne. 6. Daniel Nekolite O`neill, Ne. 7. Clint Benson Papillion, Ne. 8. Tyler Drueke Eagle, Ne. 9. Toby Chapman Panama, Ne. 10. Alex Davenport Lincoln, Ne. 11. Stuart Snyder Lincoln, Ne. 12. Jake Galusha Lincoln, Ne. 13.
Mitchell Dvorak Stuart, Ne. 14. Jason Danley Lincoln, Ne. 15. Adam Gullion Lincoln, Ne. 16. Brandon Horton Waterloo, Ne. 17. Jacob Dye Albany, Mo. 18. Shayle Bade Raymond, Ne. 19. Justin Bolte(r) Fremont, Ne. 20. Gene Ackland Martell, Ne.

Sprint-IMCA B-Feature
1. Tyler Drueke Eagle, Ne. 2. Stuart Snyder Lincoln, Ne. 3. Gene Ackland Martell, Ne. 4. Jason Danley Lincoln, Ne. 5. Doug Lovegrove Waverly, Ne. 6. Cole Vanderheiden Papillion, Ne. 7. Shon Pointer Grand Island, Ne. 8. Elizabeth Phillips Bixby, Ok. 9. Andrew Jackson Fremont, Ne. 10. Nate Johnson Hastings, Ne. 11. Trefer Waller O'neill, Ne. 12. Ryan Kitchen Seward, Ne.

Sprint-IMCA Heat 1
1. Gunnar Pike South Bend, Ne. 2. Mitchell Dvorak Stuart, Ne. 3. Brandon Horton Waterloo, Ne. 4. Alex Davenport Lincoln, Ne. 5. Tyler Drueke Eagle, Ne. 6. Doug Lovegrove Waverly, Ne. 7. Cole Vanderheiden Papillion, Ne.

Sprint-IMCA Heat 2
1. Justin Bolte(r) Fremont, Ne. 2. Josh Riggins Lincoln, Ne. 3. Daniel Nekolite O`neill, Ne. 4. Adam Gullion Lincoln, Ne. 5. Gene Ackland Martell, Ne. 6. Stuart Snyder Lincoln, Ne. 7. Nate Johnson Hastings, Ne.

Sprint-IMCA Heat 3
1. Mike Boston Lincoln, Ne. 2. Cole Wayman(r) Lincoln, Ne. 3. Joey Danley Martell, Ne. 4. Jake Galusha Lincoln, Ne. 5. Trefer Waller O'neill, Ne. 6. Elizabeth Phillips Bixby, Ok. 7. Ryan Kitchen Seward, Ne.

Sprint-IMCA Heat 4
1. Toby Chapman Panama, Ne. 2. Shayle Bade Raymond, Ne. 3. Jacob Dye Albany, Mo. 4. Clint Benson Papillion, Ne. 5. Jason Danley Lincoln, Ne. 6. Shon Pointer Grand Island, Ne. 7. Andrew Jackson Fremont, Ne.