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Monday, April 18, 2016
(Mike Howard Photo)(Mike Howard Photo) (Bill W) April 18, 2016 – Sam Hafertepe Jr. has had this weekend circled on his calendar for quite some time.  The World of Outlaws return to the track that they began at in 1978, the Devil’s Bowl Speedway in Mesquite, Texas.  The Sunnyvale, Texas driver has had great success at the famous ½-mile and is locked and loaded for this Friday and Saturday night.

Sam has made many trips to Devil’s Bowl in his life.  “It’s not my home track, but it feels like my home track,” he says.  “It’s always been really close to where I’ve lived in Texas.  It just means a lot to me.  I really feel like it’s a place we excel at.  Being so close to home, a lot of family and friends get to see you race there.”

He picked up the Devil’s Bowl Winternationals there last Fall and has several wins at the track in his career.  “It’s been a pretty special racetrack for the history of sprint car racing,” says Sam.  “It’s my favorite racetrack to go to.  All of that comes together.  Every time we go there, it feels prestigious to me and we try to come out of there with a solid finish.”

Sam wasn’t born when the Outlaws originated, but he knows about the history the group has had in Mesquite.  “I don’t really remember the Outlaws coming too much when I was young,” he says.  “But you hear the stories from the people around here.  It’s really a big part of their history.”

He started up front in both Outlaw shows in 2014, but bad mechanical luck hit both nights.  He’s ready for a shot at redemption.  “We’ve been able to win quite a few races at the Devil’s Bowl,” says Sam.  “There’s always a little added pressure too, because I want to win so bad.  We felt we had a chance to win the Outlaw shows there a couple of years ago.  We had a really fast racecar.  Starting up front both nights, we felt like we missed an opportunity.  You always want to redeem yourself, and I feel like we have the opportunity to do that.” 

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