Sunday, April 2, 2017
Hemby Bridge, NC – The Winter Nationals back in February was considered a racing vacation. Visiting one of the most gorgeous regions in the country for a few days while participating in one of the greatest sports to ever exist will always be a dream to continually come true. If you need more convincing, just follow Danny Smith’s Facebook page between the hours of January and late February as he brags about life in Captain Jack’s world.

Inching into the pits of East Bay Raceway Park on move-in day thinking you are rolling big time with an F350 complete with a cd player and leather seats followed by an enclosed trailer, one would think they are on top of the world. And no matter what I say in the following paragraphs, I still consider myself living a dream by chasing a dream.

Dad and I rolled into the pits near Gibsonton, FL somewhat intimidated with Freightliners in the front and Macs to our rear. Our goal was to do the best we could, to learn, and try a few things we wouldn’t normally try on a regular night… And have fun… It was our vacation after all.

Welllllllll……..This past weekend was supposed to be completely different.

Doug (Dad) and I worked our ass off every night till around 2AM working on the shop, trailer, truck, and eventually the car to get ready for the United Sprint Car Series Southern Thunder season opener.

Having dealt with the competition of the King of the 360’s, this weekend was supposed to go somewhat smooth. If everything went right, I had a chance at Top 5 both nights, at least a top ten easily.

But nooo……

Rolling into the pits looking for an open space, you quickly notice that there are no bad cars here. Literally ever winged sprint car in the pits could win tonight and it wouldn’t be a surprise.

My second trip of 2017 to the sunshine state was supposed to provide a little less stress to our season opener.

But nooo…….

Instead, I was scared to death that I wouldn’t make the feature either night.
I made the feature both nights.

Friday nights feature was so f******* frustrating and so f****** fun. I don’t think I’ve ever screamed F*** in such frustration with such a huge smile on my face.

Bubba’s Raceway Park is a frustrating track, a racy track, a track I can’t stand, a track that pisses me off, and makes me contemplate my choices in life.

I can’t wait to go back…