34 Raceway All Stars Results and Stories

Sunday, June 11, 2017
All Stars pits at 34 RacewayAll Stars pits at 34 Raceway 6/12/17
34 Raceway
West Burlington, IA
All Stars
35 cars
Drivers were separated into four groups that they qualified and ran heats with.  Caleb Armstrong (2nd car out to time) posted quick time at 12.792 seconds.  Kerry Madsen (10th car out) was second quick, followed by Brian Brown (12th), Brandon Spithaler (5th), Tyler Esh (11th), Dominic Scelzi (20th), Tony Stewart (18th), Chad Kemenah (7th), Ian Madsen (26th) and Danny Lasoski (19th).  Harold Pohren scratched before the night started.  Johnny Garvin tagged the backstretch wall and limped across the line with one lap.
Jordan GoldesberryJordan Goldesberry Heat one (started): 1. Kemenah 10H (2) 2. Ryan Smith 59 (1) 3. Spithaler 22 (3) 4. Armstrong 7c (4) 5. Caleb Helms 17 (6) / 6. TJ Michael 8m (5) 7. Roger Campbell 9c (7) 8. Brent Matus 33 (8) DNS – Harold Pohren 50P
Heats were eight laps in distance, taking the top two to the Dash and top five to the A.  The invert for the heats was four, meaning quick time in each group started outside row two.  Kemenah led the distance in this mostly single-file affair.  Heat and relentless winds left mostly one groove around the top for the heats.
Heat two (started): 1. Stewart 14 (1) 2. Brown 21 (3) 3. K. Madsen 2m (4) 4. Cap Henry 82 (6) 5. Esh 35 (2) / 6. Daniel Harding 12 (8) 7. Tayler Malsam 26 (5) 8. Jordan Goldesberry 65 (7) 9. Ryan Linder 9 (9)
Stewart led early, over Brown, who put a slider on Esh to take second.  K. Madsen would follow suit  The best racing emerged for fourth between Esh and Henry.  The two went wheel to wheel (literally) at the finish, with Esh suffering a flat left rear with the contact.
Heat three (started): 1. Lasoski 1m (2) 2. I. Madsen 18 (3) 3. Scelzi 41x (4) 4. Brandon Matus 13 (1) 5. Jake Blackhurst 25 (6) / 6. Bobby Mincer 15 (5) 7. Hunter Mackison 95 (7) 8. Chris Martin 44 (8) 9. Johnny Garvin 51 (9)
Lasoski led flag to flag.  Behind him, I. Madsen took second from Bra. Matus on lap two.  Scelzi would follow suit a lap later.  Blackhurst would grab the final transfer spot  from Mincer at the halfway point.  Garvin exited early.
Heat four (started): 1. Bill Balog 17B (1) 2. Paul Nienhiser 9x (2) 3. Brooke Tatnell 55 (3) 4. Max Stambaugh 33m (4) 5. Tim Kaeding 3 (6) / 6. Austin McCarl 2KS (5) 7. Josh Schneiderman 49 (7) 8. Jordan Mackison 1080 (8)
In arguably the stoutest heat of the night front to back, Balog led the distance with not much passing behind him
Jordan and Hunter MackisonJordan and Hunter Mackison Dash one (started): 1. Kemenah (2) 2. Brown (1) 3. Stewart (4) 4. Balog (3) 5. Armstrong (5)
Dash one lined up the inside of the A main’s first five rows.  Kemenah got the jump on Brown in the 4-lapper and held him off for the pole.
Dash two (started): 1. I. Madsen (2) 2. Smith (3) 3. Nienhiser (4) 4. K. Madsen (5) 5. Lasoski (1)
Dash two lined up the outside of the A main’s first five rows.  The first row was a crazy one, with three different leaders emerging in slide fests back and forth.  I. Madsen emerged with the lead.  Nienhiser slid in front of Lasoski and Smith, and ended up third.
B main (started): 1. Malsam (1) 2. McCarl (4) 3. Schneiderman (8) 4. Michael (2) / 5. Goldesberry (3) 6. H. Mackison (9) 7. Linder (11) 8. J. Mackison (12) 9. Martin (10) 10. Bre. Matus (13) 11. Garvin (14) 12. Mincer (5) 13. Harding (7) 14. Campbell (6) DNS – Pohren
Malsam led the 12-lap B main early over A. McCarl, Michael and Schneiderman.  Schneiderman would get by Michael for third on lap two.  Harding would smack the wall and come to a stop in turn two, bringing a caution.  Malsam led McCarl, Schneiderman, Michael and Goldeberry back to green.  Mincer brought the last caution when he stopped with three laps in.  The lead four remained the same the rest of the way, though H. Mackison challenged for the final transfer spot.  On the last lap, he attempted a dive on Michael in three, but came up short, and almost got sideway, surrendering fifth to Goldesberry.
Ryan SmithRyan Smith A main (started): 1. Kemenah (1) 2. Balog (7) 3. K. Madsen (8) 4. Brown (3) 5. Nienhiser (6) 6. Lasoski (10) 7. Scelzi (12) 8. Smith (4) 9. Stewart (5) 10. Tatnell (13) 11. Henry (15) 12. Kaeding (19) 13. Armstrong (9) 14. Spithaler (11) 15. Stambaugh (14) 16. McCarl (22) 17. I. Madsen (2) 18. Helms (18) 19. Michael (24) 20. Malsam (21) 21. Blackhurst (20) 22. Esh (17) 23. Schneiderman (23) 24. Bra. Matus (16)
The 30-lapper had trouble getting going.  Before a lap could be completed, Esh spun, collecting Malsam, Schneiderman and Blackhurst.  I. Madsen flipped in turn four.  All would rejoin the field after visiting the work area.  The second try would go non-stop for 30.  The track was reworked before the feature, creating an almost too good bottom groove.  Kemenah shot out from the pole, ahead of Smith, Brown and K. Madsen.  On lap eight, K. Madsen got by Brown for third.  Balog was on the move from row four, however.  He chose to try the middle to high groove and it was paying off.  Slowly he picked off Brown for fourth on lap 10, third from K. Madsen on lap 14, and zapped Smith for second on lap 15.  Suddenly, you could throw a blanket over Balog, Smith and K. Madsen as they tried chasing down the leader.  K. Madsen would take third on lap 17.  Balog slowly reeled in Kemenah, who was running the low line in lapped traffic.  Balog, who won $5,000 in Sun Prairie Thursday, roared by Kemenah for the lead on lap 21.  His higher groove would go away a bit, however, and Kemenah would pull up to his bumper.  On lap 24, Kemenah took the lead back fo rgood.  Balog held second over K. Madsen, Brown and a late charging Nienhiser, who won the IRA show at 34 earlier year, and had a rough start in this feature. Kaeding was the hard-charger.