Moberly ASCS Speedweek Results and Stories

Friday, June 16, 2017
Randolph County RacewayRandolph County Raceway 6/16/17
Randolph County Raceway
Moberly, MO
ASCS Speedweek
32 cars
Heat one (started, *qualified for feature): 1. Tony Bruce Jr. 86 (2*) 2. Ian Madsen 18 (5*) 3. Kyle Bellm 14K (4*) 4. Dustin Morgan 93 (7*) 5. Miles Paulus 21D (3) 6. Corey Nelson 34 (8) 7. Justin Webb 31w (1) DNS – Danny Lasoski 1m
Lasoski had motor issues in hot laps and scratched for the night.  Heats were eight laps in distance and took the top 16 in passing points made it to the feature.  The high-banked 4/10-mile oval was fast, and Bruce led the distance.  Madsen was the mover in this one, going from fifth to third on the first lap, and taking second over Bellm coming for the white flag.  Webb tagged the wall on lap three and dropped to the rear.
Heat two (started, *qualified for feature): 1. Matt Covington 95 (2*) 2. Blake Hahn 52 (4*) 3. Seth Bergman 23 (1*) 4. Justin Henderson 1 (8*) 5. Jason Barney 87B (7) 6. Danny Thoman 27 (6) 7. Jake Greider 20G (5*) 8. Dustin Barks 22 (3)
Covington led early over Bergman and Hahn.  By the second lap, Henderson shot by Barks for fourth after starting at the tail.  Five laps in, Barks would stop and retire for the night.  Hahn used the restart to get by Bergman for second.
Heat three (started, *qualified for feature): 1. Brian Brown 21 (1*) 2. Sam Hafertepe Jr. 15H (4*) 3. Josh Baughman 17 (3*) 4. Jay Russell 76 (5*) 5. Harli White 17w (6) 6. Chance Morton 7m (7) 7. Taylor Walton 93x (2) 8. Cameron Key 12s (8)
Brown shot out to the lead and held it throughout.  Hafertepe followed in second, and Baughman third.  White took fourth on lap two from Walton, but Russell would best them both in the end.  Both Walton and Key exited early.
Heat four (started, *qualified for feature): 1. Wayne Johnson 2c (2*) 2. Aaron Reutzel 87 (4*) 3. Skylar Gee 99 (1*) 4. Jonathan Cornell 28 (6*) 5. Johnny Herrera 45x (5) 6. Scott Bogucki 84 (8) 7. Kade Morton 8m (7) 8. Andee Beierle 41A (3)
Johnson led the distance in the mostly single-file affair.
Corey NelsonCorey Nelson B main (started): 1. Herrera (4) 2. Bogucki (3) 3. White (2) 4. Paulus (6) 5. Barney (1) 6. C. Morton (5) / 7. K. Morton (9) 8. Greider (10) 9. Walton (12) 10. Key (11) 11. Beierle (14) 12. Nelson (7) 13. Webb (13) 14. Thoman (8) DNS – Barks, Lasoski
Barney led White and Herrera early in the 12-lapper.  White would drive under Barney for the lead on lap two.  Herrera would follow her a lap later.  Webb slowed, bringing a caution four laps in.  White led Herrera, Barney, Bogucki, Paulus and C. Morton back to green.  Herrera shot to the lead, while Bogucki climbed to third.  Paulus shot by Barney on lap 7 for fourth.  Bogucki finished his drive by taking second on the same lap.

Brian BrownBrian Brown A main (started): 1. Brown (7) 2. Hafertepe (2) 3. Madsen (5) 4. Johnson (6) 5. Cornell (12) 6. Morgan (10) 7. Covington (1) 8. Bergman (15) 9. Herrera (17) 10. Russell (14) 11. Henderson (9) 12. Gee (16) 13. Bogucki (18) 14. Greider (23, prov.) 15. Reutzel (4) 16. Bellm (11) 17. Key (24, prov.) 18. Barney (21) 19. Bruce (8) 20. Paulus (20) 21. Hahn (3) 22. White (19) 23. Baughman (13) 24. C. Morton (22)
The ASCS is one of the last series/tracks not to use split yellows.  As a result, this one saw the leaders actually complete over 30 laps in a 25-lap scheduled race.  That said, this was one of the more entertaining features of the year so far.  Hafertepe led the first lap over Reutzel and Covington, but Reutzel would get around him to take the point.  C. Morton slowed with four laps complete, bringing yellow.  At the same time, Baughman exited after blowing his right rear.  The caution negated a Brown move by Madsen into fifth that he held for over a lap, but the whole field had not completed the lap.  Reutzel led Hafertepe, Covington, Johnson and Madsen back to green.  Johnson worked by Covington for third on the restart.  Brown moved from sixth to fourth in the next lap and got by the line, but that too was negated by another stoppage.  This time, Hahn slowed in two.  Bogucki spun to avoid, and White flipped into the top of turn two.  She was uninjured.  Funniest quote of the night came from ASCS announcer Bryan Hulbert as he proclaimed they were being careful not to damage White’s car as it bounced over and over, pummeling the track from the back of the wrecker as it was being towed back to the infield at the bottom of turn one.  Brown did jump to fourth on the restart, and took third from Johnson on lap eight.  Around lap 10, Hafertepe jumped by Reutzel for the lead, but Reutzel would come right back a lap later and reclaim it.  On the next circuit, Brown would find his way by Hafertepe for second in lapped traffic.  Around lap 16, Madsen and Hafertepe would exchange third place.  Up front, Brown shot by Reutzel to take the lead himself.  Reutzel again would bounce back to reclaim it with five to go in a great race.  Bellm went up in smoke with three laps to go, setting up a restart that saw Reutzel ahead of Brown, Hafertepe, Madsen and Johnson.  Brown would take the lead on lap 24 in turns one and two.  In three and four, Reutzel appeared to break a right rear stop and pulled into the pits, ending a frustrating night.  Brown led the rest of the way in a green, white, checker finish.  Herrera was the hard-charger.