Open Wheel 101 with Davey Heskin and Josh Schneiderman

Thursday, May 26, 2016
This session of Open Wheel 101 features Knoxville Raceway drivers Davey Heskin of St. Michael, Minnesota and Josh Schneiderman of West Burlington, Iowa.  Both drive for family teams and have real jobs.  It's a great look into how two local teams tick.  We take an in depth look at their family's history in racing, peek at their real lives away from the track, hear what it takes to get their operations to the racetrack, what it feels like to make the 4-wide parade lap at the Nationals for the first time surrounded by drivers who do this for living, and much more!  This pair has been pitting next to each other for years, and they didn't pull any punches in this one!  We'd like to thank Kris Krohn for manning the camera, and Bob Baker, Tom Schmeh and the rest of the staff at the National Sprint Car Hall of Fame & Museum for being our host!