DuQuoin Ted Horn 100 Results and Stories

Sunday, September 3, 2006

Du Quoin State Fair Speedway
Du Quoin, IL

Ted Horn 100

USAC Silver Crown

36 cars

Qualifying was done in groups based on practice speeds.  Tracy Hines (4th group out) set quick time on the “Magic Mile” at 30.612 seconds.  Jay Drake (3rd group) was second quick, followed by Shane Cottle (4th), Josh Wise (3rd), Mat Neely (4th), Jerry Coons Jr. (4th), Ricky Stenhouse Jr. (3rd), Paul White (3rd), Ron Gregory (3rd) and Aaron Pierce (2nd).  Gregory went up in smoke during qualifying and scratched for the night.  Johnny Heydenreich and Justin Marvel failed to get a time in and also scratched.  The top 20 qualifiers did not have to run the “Last Chance” race.

“Last Chance” (not really) Race: 1. Brian Tyler 21 2. Bud Kaeding 29 3. Johnny Parsons 43 4. Shane Hollingsworth 48 5. Teddy Beach 15 6. Jeff Swindell 12 7. AJ Fike 32 8. Dickie Gaines 59 9. Chappy Knaack 36 10. Derek King 91 11. Alex Shanks 155 12. Tim Siner 62 13. Wayne Reutimann Jr. 00 DNS – Johnny Heydenreich 90, Justin Marvel 156, Davey Ray 114

The 10 lap Last Chance was really not that at all, as all drivers who were not scratched were allowed to start the main event.

Ted Horn 100 (started): 1. Hines 37 (1) 2. Cottle 4 (3) 3. Wise 10 (4) 4. Kaeding (31) 5. Neely 17 (5) 6. White 99 (8) 7. Tyler (20) 8. Drake 52 (2) 9. Russ Gamester 51 (16) 10. Knaack (28) 11. Dave Steele 1 (10) 12. Stenhouse 35 (7) 13. Pierce 26 (9) 14. Levi Jones 22 (15) 15. Reutimann (32) 16. Fike (26) 17. King (27) 18. Shanks (30) 19. Roger Rager 33 (12) 20. Swindell (23) 21. Shane Hollingsworth 48 (21) 22. Justin Allgaier 86 (17) 23. Donnie Beechler 45 (13) 24. Dickie Gaines 59 (25) 25. Tom Capie 153 (19) 26. Dave Darland 56 (11) 27. Parsons (22) 28. Coons 199 (6) 29. Ray Bull 63 (14) 30. Randy Bateman 55 (18) 31. Beach (24) DNS – Ray, Siner, Heydenreich, Marvel, Gregory

Kaeding had his motor kill before staging and was relegated to the rear for the start.  Cottle was able to circumvent the front row when the green flag fell to take the early lead in the 100 lapper.  Darland had a nice first lap, going from 11th to 6th.  By lap six, the event record holder, Parsons, had used the high side to move from 22nd to 12th.  Beach exited on lap three.  Bateman came to a stop on lap seven, bringing yellow.  When the event restarted on lap nine, Cottle led Hines, Neely, Wise and Darland back to green.  By lap 12, Parsons had moved up to sixth, and by lap 15, had moved by Darland, Wise and Neely into third.  Three laps later he slowed down the frontstretch, bringing caution and ending his entertaining but brief, race.  While that was going on, Coons spun by himself in turn one and made heavy wall contact, ending his night.  Bull was done as well, stopped in turn four.  When the race finally went back green on lap 23, Cottle led Hines, Neely, Darland who had a pass for third negated by the yellow, Wise and Drake.  Kaeding was up to 13th from his row 16 starting spot.  Once back under green, the two leaders put almost a straightaway between themselves and the rest of the field.  By lap 31, Neely, Wise and Darland were bunched together in a battle for third.  The next go-around, Darland would exit with mechanical ills.  Capie went up in smoke and came to rest inside turn two on lap 31.  The lap 34 restart saw Cottle leading Hines, Neely, Wise and White.  Kaeding was into the top ten.  Seven more laps were in the books before Hines made his winning move on lap 41.  Lap 44 saw Gaines come to a stop, bringing another yellow.  When the action got back underway on lap 49, the groove was a low one with the rubber laid down.  Hines led Cottle, Wise, Neely and White.  By lap 60, Hines was pulling away and moving into lapped traffic.  Beechler exited on lap 62, and on lap 65, Allgaier stopped after his powerplant went up in smoke.  The restart on lap 68 saw Hines with a clear track ahead of him in front of Cottle, Wise, Neely, White and Drake.  Kaeding was now in a battle with Steele for seventh.  His great restart saw him get around both Steele and Drake to take over sixth on lap 73.  Swindell bowed out on lap 74.  Shanks ran out of fuel on lap 75, but rejoined the field a few laps later under green.  By lap 85, Hines was still in command with Cottle in tow.  Wise and Neely were now trying to hold off Kaeding, who was applying pressure to get in the top four.  Rager who smoked his tires throughout, finally blew his right rear on lap 90, bringing about the final slowdown.  On the restart, Hines led Cottle, Wise, Neely and Kaeding.  Kaeding was able to use a duckunder move when Neely got high in turn two, to nail down fourth and that’s how they finished.  Hines win was his second in a row at Du Quoin and worth $9000.