West Coast Sprint Car News and Notes from June 4 Weekend

Monday, June 6, 2016
Sean BeckerSean Becker  
by Adam J. Ulrey 
The weekend got started off to a flying start on Friday night in Chico, California where 23 410 sprint cars showed up and what a race it was with Sean Becker “The Shark” holding off the hottest driver in California Cory Eliason for the win. 
June 3, 2016  Silver Dollar Speedway, Chico, Clifornia 
23 Cars 
Fast Time:  92 Andy Forsberg  11.440 
Heat #1:  98 Sean Watts, M21 Kalib Henry, 92 Andy Forsberg, 5h Cory Eliason, 3c Jonathan Allard, 49 Mike Monohan, 00 Braedon Enos, 30 Casey McClain 

Heat #2:  0 Bud Kaeding, 21Michael Ing, 29 Willie Croft, 22 Mason Moore, 93 Stephan Ingraham, 8 Jim Richardson, 22a Cori Andrews, 5 Brian Boswell 

Heat #3:  88n DJ Netto, 75 Sean Becker, 19 Keith Bloom, 77 Kyle Hirst, 5v Seth Nunes, 00x Jason Statler, 2r Richard Brace Jr., 55 Cody Hodgson 
B Main:  55 Hodgson, 00x Statler, 49 Monohan, 2r Brace Jr., 22a Andrews, 5 Boswell, 8 Richardson, 00 Enos 
A Main:  75 Becker, 5h Eliason, 3c J Allard, 92 Forsberg, 29 Croft, 77 Hirst, 0 B Kaeding, 00x Statler, 22 Moore, 2r Brace Jr., 98 Watts, M21 K Henry, 55 Hodgson, 49 Monohan, 93 Ingraham, 22a Andrews, 88n Netto, 19 Bloom, 5v Nunes, 21 Ing

Trey Starks (J Michael Photo)Trey Starks (J Michael Photo) Up here in the beautiful Pacific Northwest at Grays Harbor Raceway on Saturday Night saw the fourth race of the season for the Summer Thunder Sprint Series and jet setter Trey Starks back from the east coast got the win over Reece Goetz. 28 cars signed in this Saturday evening of 360 sprint car racing. 
June 4, 2016  Grays Harbor Raceway, Elma, Washington 
28 cars 
Fast Time:  22x Travis Jacobson 
Heat #1:  33 Colton Heath, 17 Cam Smith, 9r Reece Goetz, 22x Travis Jacobson, 91 Chase Goetz, 5r Steve Reeves, 22c Trevor Cook 

Heat #2:  9a Luke Didiuk, 18 Jason Solwold, 11m Evan Margeson, 24 Tyler Anderson, 96 Greg Hamilton, 56 Justin Youngquist, 33s Lance Sargent 

Heat #3:  44 Jake Helsel, 33v henry Van Dam, 51 Bricen James, 3 JJ Hickle, 0j Jay Cole, 4b Cale Brooke, 47s John Stuart 

Heat #4:  22r Mike Romig, 55 Trey Starks, 42 Devin Madonia, N8 Nate Vaughn, 97r Jason Reed, 08 Steve Vague, 59 Eric Fisher 
B Main:  56 Youngquist, 96 Hamilton, 0j Cole, 91 C Goetz, 59 Fisher, 5r Reeves, 33s Sargent, 22c Cook, 97r Reed, 4b Brooke, 47s Stuart 
A Main:  55 Starks, 9r R Goetz, 18 Solwold, 11m margeson, 17 C Smith, 44 Helsel, 33v Van Dam, 56 Youngquist, 59 Fisher, 91 C Goetz, 51 James, 22r Romig, 5r Reeves, 9a Didiuk, 3 Hickle, 22x T Jacobson, 33 Heath, N8 Vaughn, 0j Cole, 24 Anderson, 42 Madonoa,  96 Hamilton

Kyle HirstKyle Hirst Saturday Night the 410 Sprint cars would be back at Chico, California at Silver Dollar Speedway for the King of the West race called the David Tarter memorial race. It would not disappoint as Kyle Hirst would pass Michael Ing on the last lap to take the win. 
June 4, 2016  Silver Dollar Speedway, Chico, California 
23 Cars 
Fast Time:  25 Bobby McMahan  11.849 
Heat #1:  88n DJ Netto, 25 Bobby McMahan, 3c Jonathan Allard, 92 Andy Forsberg, 49 Mike Monohan, 19 Keith Bloom, 22a Cori Andrews, 00 Jason Statler 

Heat #2:  75 Sean Becker, 37 Mitchell Faccinto, M21 Kalib Henry, 98 Sean Watts, 5h Cory Eliason, 93 Stephan Ingraham, 5v Seth Nunes, 12 Jarrett Sores 

Heat #3:  21x Kyle Hirst, 29 Willie Croft, 21 Michael Ing, 31c Justyn Cox, 0 Bud Kaeding, 2r Richard Brace Jr., 42 Chase Majdic 
Dash:  75 Becker, 88n Netto, 37 Faccinto, 21 Ing, 25 B McMahan, 92 Forsberg, M21 K Henry, 21x Hirst 
A Main:  21x Hirst, 21 Ing, 75 Becker, 3c J Allard, 00 Statler, 37 Faccinto, 0 B Keading, 29 Croft, 88n Netto, 25 B McMahan, 5h Eliason, 98 Watts, M21 K Henry, 12 Sores, 5v Nunes, 93 Ingraham, 42 Majdic, 2r Brace Jr., 49 Monohan, 92 Forsberg, 31c Cox, 19 Bloom 
In California also besides the King of the West the 360 Sprints were running at Placerville Speedway and Petaluma Speedway. At Placerville the x1 of Mason Moore would do just enough to hold off the hard charging Steven Tiner for the win. At Petaluma normally a non-wing driver Geoff Ensign would throw the wing on in his #63 and beat Jak Houlot for the win. 
June 4, 2016  Placerville Speedway, Placerville, California 
21 Cars 
Fast Time:  7k Kenny Allen  10.373 
Heat #1:  4sa Greg DeCaries, 58 Matt barber, 57b Billy Butler, 7k Kenny Allen, 77 Mike Benson, 9 DJ Frietas, 10 Logan Seavey 

Heat #2:  94 Steven Tiner, 5 Kirt Organ, 20j James Sweeney, 33t Jimmy Trulli, 16s Steve Dill, 25 Justin Johnson, 14 Adam Walters 

Heat #3:  x1 Mason Moore, 91c Shawn Conde, 4s Michael Kofoid, 88 Keon Shaw, 55 Cody Hodgson, 85 CJ Humphreys 
A Main:  x1 Moore, 94 Tiner, 4sa DeCaries, 33t Trulli, 7k Allen, 4s Kofoid, 91c Conde, 5 Organ, 57b Butler, 92 Kyler Shaw, 88 Keon Shaw, 77 Benson, 9 Freitas, 14 Walters, 20j Sweeney,  85 Humphreys, 10 Seavey, 16s Dill, 58 Barber, 55 Hodgson, 25 Johnson

Skylar GeeSkylar Gee June 4, 2016  Petaluma Speedway, Petaluma, California 
15 360 Sprints 
Fast Time:  7h Jake Haulot  12.770 
Heat #1:  24b Kirk Simpson, 29r Riley Matson, 91ri Eli DeShaies, 101 Shane Myhre, 7h Jake Haulot, 55 Marissa Polizzi, 67 Britton Bock
Heat #2:  43 Bradley Terrell, 72w Kurt Nelson, 63 Geoff Ensign, 52 David Lindt, 4r Anthony Restad, 12j John Clark, 2m Aaron Miller 
A Main:  63 Ensign, 7h Haulot, 43 Terrell, 29r Matson, 24b Simpson, 72w Nelson, 101 Myhre, 55 Hodgson, 12j Clark, 2m Miller, 67 Bock, 91ri DeShaies, 52 Lindt, 4r Restad 
The ASCS Frontier series finally got in their first races of the year after too many rainouts to talk about...here at www.Nwsprintcarhistory.com we cover the Montana region because back in the day of the Northern Sprint Tour they would go over and run a few races a year in Montana. So here are the results from over the weekend... 
June 3rd, 2016  Gallatin Speedway, Belgrade, Montana 
23 Cars

360 Sprints 
Heat #1:  37 Trever Kirkland, 27dd David Hoiness, 4 Adam Speckman, 28d Damon McCune, 15 James Sires, 2 Shad Peterson, 24 Leroy Brush, 4n Cliff Nelson Jr.

Heat #2:  6g Bryan Gossel, 12 Josh Ostermiller, 28 Joe Perry, 2jr Kelly Miller, 00 Roger Cummings, 55 Tyler Liebig, 22 Chris Roberts, 77 Reed Peterson 

Heat #3:  75 DJ Brink, 38b Bryan Brown, 99 Skylar Gee, 0j Jeremy McCune, 77m Nate Maxwell, 4p John Nelson, 98 Joe Ramaker 

Qualifier #1:  75 Brink, 99 Gee, 2jr K Miller, 12 Ostermiller, 0j J McCune, 28d D McCune, 00 Cummings, 24 Brush, 55 Liebig, 28 Perry 

Qualifier #2:  6g Gossel, 37 Kirkland, 27dd Hoiness, 77m Maxwell, 4 Speckman, 15 J Sires, 22 Roberts, 2 Peterson, 77 R Peterson, 38b Brown 
A Main:  99 Gee, 37 Kirkland, 98 Ramaker, 2jr K Miller, 75 Brink, 6g Gossel, 28 Perry, 12 Ostermiller, 38b Brown, 27dd Hoiness, 77m Maxwell, 77 R Peterson, 28d D McCune, 00 Cummings, 4 Speckman, 15 J Sires, 4n C Nelson, 2 S Peterson, 22 Roberts, 0j J McCune DNF, 24 Brush DNF
June 4, 2016  Gillette Thunder Speedway, Gillette, Wyoming 
21 Cars 
Heat #1:  13 Ryan Parks, 2jr Kelly Miller, 10 Anthony Farnsworth, 0j Jeremy McCune, 4 Adam Speckman, 77 Reed Peterson, 28d Damon McCune 

Heat #2:  37 Trever Kirkland, 75 DJ Brink, 27dd David Hoiness, 38b Bryan Brown, 74 Zach Merritt, 15 james Sires, 14 Ben Holmberg 

Heat #3:  99 Skylar Gee, 24m Rich Martin, 6g Bryan Gossel, 7 Mike Sires, 24 Leroy Brush, 2 Shad Peterson 
A Main:  37 Kirkland, 99 Gee, 2jr Miller, 27dd Hoiness, 75 Brink, 6g Gossel, 0j J McCune, 13 Parks, 74 Merritt, 38b Brown, 2 S Peterson, 15 J Sires, 7 M Sires, 14 Holmberg, 4 Speckman, 24 Brush, 24m Martin, 10 Farnsworth, 77m Maxwell, 28d D McCune, 77 R Peterson