Waynesfield Raceway Park Summer Sizzler FAST 410's and 305's and GLSS/NRA Sprint Invaders Results and Stories

Sunday, September 3, 2017
Waynesfield Raceway ParkWaynesfield Raceway Park 9/3/2017
Waynesfield Raceway Park
Summer Sizzler
22 FAST 410’s
32 GLSS/NRA Sprint Invaders 360’s
23 FAST 305’s
Duane Zablocki (1st car out to time) set quick time at 10.731 seconds.  Chris Andrews (11th car out) was second quick, followed by Cale Thomas (2nd), Kody Kinser (12th), Brandon Hanks (3rd), Jody Keegan (15th), Dane Lorenc (8th), Stuart Brubaker (18th), Brian Lay (17th) and Danny Smith (22nd).
Heat one (started): 1. Lorenc 00 (2) 2. Kinser 4K (3) 3. Smith 4s (1) 4. Tyler Gunn 68G (6) 5. Cody Gallogly 27 (7) 6. Joe Swanson 7J (5) 7. Shawn Valenti 7 (8) 8. Zablocki 9z (4)
Smith led Lorenc and Kinser early in the 8-lapper.  The top four qualified for the feature redraw.  Lorenc shot by Smith for the lead on lap two, and Zablocki hit the cushion on a rough track, moving into second.  He would spin, bringing the caution two laps in.  Lorenc led Smith, Kinser, Gunn and Swanson back to green.  Kinser would take second from Smith at the halfway point.  Zablocki recovered from the tail to challenge for fifth, but flipped in turn three, ending his night.  He was unhurt.
Heat two (started): 1. Broc Martin 97 (1) 2. Brubaker 35 (2) 3. DJ Foos 23 (5) 4. Hanks 84 (3) 5. Adam Cruea 83 (6) 6. Dan McCarron 22m (7) 7. Andrews 16 (4)
Andrews bicycled off the rough bottom in turn two and tipped over to start the heat.  He continued with a mangled wing.  Martin led the distance over Brubaker.  Foos snatched third from Hanks on lap four.
Cap HenryCap Henry Heat three (started): 1. Cap Henry 4 (5) 2. Lay 45 (2) 3. Keegan 60 (3) 4. Thomas 91 (4) 5. Derek Ingle 2DI (1) 6. Brandon Moore 1m (7) 7. Dallas Hewitt 16D (6)
Keegan led Ingle and Lay early on.  Henry captured fourth from Thomas and third from Lay on lap three.  He set is sights on Keegan at the point.  Keegan would hop in two, allowing Henry to squeeze under him for the lead at the halfway point.  Lay passed Keegan for second in the last corner.
A main (started): 1. Henry (10) 2. Thomas (6) 3. Foos (7) 4. Lay (2) 5. Martin (8) 6. Lorenc (4) 7. Gunn (9) 8. Keegan (5) 9. Andrews (20) 10. Smith (12) 11. Brubaker (3) 12. McCarron (17) 13. Swanson (16) 14. Kinser (1) 15. Moore (18) 16. Hewitt (21) 17. Valenti (19) 18. Ingle (15) 19. Hanks (11) 20. Gallogly (13) 21. Cruea (14) DNS – Zablocki
Kinser led Lay and Thomas early in the 30-lapper.  Cruea had a rough start, spinning after a lap was complete, and then flipping on the restart.  Lorenc shot into fourth on the restart, before Andrews stopped with a flat right front tire two laps in.  Lay had passed Kinser for the lead, but that was negated.  Lay would gain the lead from Kinser on lap five, before Ingle spun.  Now Lay led Kinser, Thomas, Lorenc and Martin.  Thomas would slide under Kinser to take over second on that restart, and Lorenc followed him into third on lap seven,  A flat right rear tire brought Valenti to a stop with 11 laps down.  Lay led Thomas, Lorenc, a charging Henry and Kinser back to green.  Thomas would shoot under Lay to lead on the restart.  Henry worked by Lorenc into the third spot on lap 14.  Kinser struck an infield tire, brining another yellow at that point.  Now Thomas led Lay, Henry, Lorenc and Martin.  Henry would take second on that restart, while Foos took fourth from Lorenc on lap 16.  Foos would gain third from Lay on lap 19.  Thomas continued to lead and got into heavy traffic.  Henry reeled him in, and when Thomas hesitated behind the lapped car of Kinser, he pounced to lead the white flag lap.  Henry would go on to win, handing Thomas a frustrating defeat.  It was worth $3,000 for Henry.  Andrews was the hard-charger.
Randy HannaganRandy Hannagan 360’s
Kyle Sauder (12th car out) set a new track record for a 360 on the ¼-mile at 10.994 seconds, shattering Jeff Williams old mark of 12.912 seconds.  Ed Neumeister (13th car out) was second quick, followed by Devon Dobie (25th), Randy Hannagan (29th), Butch Schroeder (11th), Dustin Daggett (31st), Jon Agan (18th), Jarrod Deberg (8th), Jordan Ryan (16th) and Shawn Dancer (19th).
Heat one (started): 1. Danny Smith 4 (1) 2. Sauder 2 (4) 3. Ryan 9 (2) 4. Carson Macedo 3G (7) / 5. Schroeder B20 (3) 6. Linden Jones 19J (5) 7. Brandon Ferguson 15 (6) 8. Joe Geibe 23G (8)
Heats were 8 laps in distance and transferred the top four to the A main.  The top two redrew for their starting spot in the first four rows.  Smith led the distance over Sauder and Ryan.  Macedo overcame some motor ills in qualifying to climb to fourth.  His last pass of Schroeder came with a bump of the veteran in turn two on the last lap.
Heat two (started): 1. Nate Dussel 6s (1) 2. Daggett 85 (3) 3. Dancer 49 (2) 4. Nick Roberts 12 (5) / 5. Neumeister 11N (4) 6. Zane Devault 77 (6) 7. Chris Olding 21m (8) 8. Aaron Robnolte 22D (7)
Dussel led lap one with Dancer on his bumper.  A Dancer pass for the lead was negated when Robnolte stopped after a lap was complete.  Dussel led Dancer, Daggett, Neumeiester and Roberts back to green.  On lap three, Neumeister slowed, and was tagged by Devault.  Neumeister would fall back outside of a transfer spot, while Roberts nailed it.  Daggett skated by Dancer for third on lap four.
Heat three (started): 1. Agan 4A (3) 2. Chase Ridenour 11R (1) 3. Sean Hosey 6 (5) 4. Luke Hall 34 (6) / 5. Noah Dunlap 37 (7) 6. Jack Miller 23m (8) 7. Ron Blair 35R (2) 8. Devon Dobie 23 (4)
Ridenour slid into Blair in turn two on lap one.  That knocked Blair sideways and collected Dobie, who tumbled down the backstretch.  He was o.k., and the crew went to work getting the car ready for the b.  Ridenour would take the lead ealry ahead of Agan and Hosey.  Hall got over the berm, but maintained the last transfer spot.  Agan snatched the win with a pass of Ridenour on lap five.
Heat four (started): 1. Hannagan 22H (4) 2. Tim Allison 11 (2) 3. Jared Horstman 17 (5) 4. Phil Gressman 28 (1) / 5. Delong 10J (3) 6. Jeff Williams 5w (6) 7. Michael Summers 18 (7) DNS – Tim Hunter 12T
Allison led Gressman and Hannagan ealry.  Gressman and Allison battled for the lead, exchanging it twice.  Hannagan was right there, and got by Gressman for second on lap five.  A circuit later, he would do the same to Allison and took the point, while Horstman nailed down third from Gressman.
B main (started): 1. Neumeister (2) 2. Delong (4) 3. Schroeder (1) 4. Devault (6) 5. Dobie (14) 6. Jones (5) 7. Williams (8) / 8. Dunlap (3) 9. Miller (7) 10. Olding (10) 11. Ferguson (9) 12. Blair (11) 13. Geibe (13) 14. Robnolte (12) DNS – Summers
The B was 12 laps.  Before a lap could get in, Geibe and Robnolte came together in turn two.  Meanwhile, Schroeder was penalized a row for jumping the start.  Neaumeister led Delong, Dunlap and Schroeder back to green.  Geibe would spin on lap two and retire to the pits.  Two laps were in, and Dobie had already got himself up to seventh.  On the restart, Devault moved into fourth, while Dobie grabbed the last transfer spot.  A spinning Ferguson would collect Blair three laps in.  Neumeister would lead the rest of the way over Delong, Schroeder and Devault.  Dobie would take fifth from Dunlap and Jones would grab sixth on lap seven.
A main (started): 1. Hannagan (1) 2. Daggett (5) 3. Ridenour (2) 4. Macedo (13) 5. Dancer (10) 6. Smith (4) 7. Dussel (7) 8. Allison (6) 9. Sauder (3) 10. Schroeder (19) 11. Ryan (9) 12. Delong (18) 13. Hall (15) 14. Jones (20) 15. Dobie (21) 16. Roberts (14) 17. Horstman (12) 18. Agan (8) 19. Neumeister (17) 20. Gressman (16) 21. Williams (22) 22. Hosey (11) DNS – Devault
Hosey got sideways in turn two and contact with Gressman sent him flipping wildly down the back chute.  He was uninjured.  Gressman would continue after a visit to the work area.  Hannagan shot out to the lead in the 30-lapper over Ridenour and Smith.  Allison entered the top three on lap two, and the lead trio entered lapped traffic on lap eight.  Smith battled back by Allison for third on lap 13.  On the next lap, Daggett would take fourth.  He shot around the high side, gaining momentum and taking third from Smith on lap 16 and second from Ridenour on lap 18.  Horstman then came out of nowhere in traffic to move into the top three as well.  It was looking like a three-way battle for the win between Hannagan, Daggett and Horstman, when Agan got sideways in front of the leaders with three to go.  Daggett escaped low, but Hannagan and Horstman made heavy contact with each other and Agan.  Horstman would flip, while somehow, Hannagan kept his car moving, with some top wing damage.  The last three laps belonged to Hannagan as he held off Daggett for the win and $4,000.  Macedo was the hard-charger.
John IvyJohn Ivy 305’s
Heat one (started): 1. Kyle Capodice 12 (1) 2. Dustin Rall 9R (2) 3. Jordan Ryan 5 (6) 4. Ricky Peterson 2 (7) 5. Jimmy McGrath Jr. 5JR (8) 6. Luke Daugherty 14 (4) 7. Jerry Dahms 75 (3) 8. Matt Lucius 47 (5)
Heats were 8 laps, with the top four finishers redrawing for the feature.  Capodice, who won at Attica on Saturday ran and hid in this one.  Rall followed for the distance as well.  Ryan was the mover, shooting up from sixth to third.  Peterson grabbed the fourth redraw spot from Daugherty with two to go.
Heat two (started): 1. Bobby Clark 8 (1) 2. Nate Dussel 1 (3) 3. Paul Weaver 1w (5) 4. John Ivy 77i (7) 5. Kelsey Ivy 20i (6) 6. Landon LaLonde 2L (2) 7. Seth Schneider 36 (8) 8. Steve Rando 19R (4) 
Schneider stopped before a lap could be completed.  Clark led Dussel throughout.  Weaver shot into third right away.  J. Ivy took fourth from LaLonde on lap four.  K. Ivy finished fifth with a last lap pass on LaLonde.
Heat three (started): 1. Tyler Street 4* (1) 2. Jason Keckler 25 (2) 3. Luke Griffith 11G (7) 4. Dustin Stroup 21 (6) 5. Matt Foos 2F (3) 6. Jake Hesson 5J (4) 7. Chase Dunham 66 (5)
Street led flag to flag.  Griffith snagged third after starting seventh.  Foos fell to fifth when Stroup passed him with two to go.
A main (started): 1. J. Ivy (4) 2. Dussel (2) 3. Weaver (7) 4. Peterson (1) 5. Stroup (10) 6. Rall (3) 7. Capodice (6) 8. K. Ivy (14) 9. Griffith (12) 10. Keckler (9) 11. Street (5) 12. Foos (15) 13. McGrath (13) 14. LaLonde (17) 15. Dunham (21) 16. Schneider (20) 17. Hesson (18) 18. Rando (23) 19. Daugherty (16) 20. Clark (8) 21. Lucius (22) 22. Ryan (11) 23. Dahms (19)
Peterson led Dussel and J. Ivy early in the 25-lapper.  Daugherty stopped three laps in to bring the first of two cautions.  Peterson led Dussel, J. Ivy, Rall and Capodice back to green.  Clark was on the move as well.  He was fifth by lap five, and took fourth on lap eight.  Up front, Dussel got by Peterson for the lead on lap 9.  Three circuits later, J. Ivy was by Peterson for second, using his patented low line.  J. Ivy would track down Dussel and got by him in lapped traffic on lap 14.  On lap 19, Clark took third from Peterson, but flipped over the turn two berm a lap later.  Now J. Ivy led Dussel, Peterson, Weaver and Rall with five to go.  J. Ivy would hold onto the win, while Weaver moved onto the podium with three to go.  J. Ivy’s win was worth $1,000.