Jacksonville Herb Barlow Memorial MOWA/POWRi Results and Stories

Friday, September 8, 2017
George CrawfordGeorge Crawford 9/8/17
Jacksonville Speedway
Jacksonville, IL
Herb Barlow Memorial
27 MOWA Sprints
28 POWRi Midgets
As always plenty of goodies were available to the drivers starting with the drivers’ meeting.  The Barlow family always does a great job taking care of the competitors.
Paul Nienhiser (1st car out to time) set the standard in time trials at 10.456 seconds, just one-hundredth of a second better than second quick, Justin Peck (12th car out).  Aaron Andruskevitch (21st car out) was third quick, ahead of Bret Tripplett (8th), Parker Price-Miller (6th), Mike Terry Jr. (17th), Spencer Bayston (27th), Bard Loyet (19th), Chris Urish (9th) and AJ Bruns (11th).
Heat one (started): 1. Bayston 39 (4) 2. Terry Babb 88 (2) 3. Nienhiser 9 (6) 4. Ryan Bunton 6R (1) 5. Tripplett 22 (5) / 6. AJ Bruns 15 (3) 7. CJ Leary 30 (7) 8. Jim Moughan Jr. 1m (8) 9. Justin Standridge 01 (9)
Heats were 10 laps and took the top five to the feature.  The top six times finishing in the top four were eligible for the first three rows of the feature.  Babb led Bayston and Bunton early.  Ju. Standridge stopped after a lap was complete.  Bayston took the lead and never looked back.  Nienhiser grabbed third from Bunton on the restart.  Most drivers exclusively hit the cushion in the heats with sliders used for passing.
Heat two (started): 1. Loyet o5 (4) 2. Peck 5x (6) 3. Danny Smith 4 (1) 4. Price-Miller 2 (5) 5. Jeremy Standridge 10s (8) / 6. Jacob Patton 79J (3) 7. Logan Faucon 52F (7) 8. Patrick Budde 90 (9) 9. Cory Bruns 42 (2)
Smith led Loyet and C. Bruns ealry.  Peck was able to slide by Bruns into third on lap two.  Price-Miller followed him into fourth the next lap.  Loyet worked around Smith to lead lap seven.  Peck followed him into second on the next circuit.  C. Bruns hit the wall and stopped with two to go.  Loyet held the lead over Peck, Smith and Price-Miller.  Je. Standridge used the restart to take the last transfer spot from Patton.
Heat three (started): 1. Joe B. Miller 51B (2) 2. Urish 77u (4) 3. Andruskevitch 83 (6) 4. Joey Moughan 29 (1) 5. Jake Blackhurst 25 (3) / 6. Terry Jr. 85 (5) 7. Jimmy Hurley 47 (7) 8. George Crawford 57 (8) 9. Dylan Tuxhorn 32 (9)
The outside line was preferred and after the first lap, everyone made a parade around the cushion with no passing.
Bret TripplettBret Tripplett B main (started): 1. Leary (5) 2. Terry Jr. (1) 3. Hurley (7) 4. Patton (3) 5. Ju. Standridge (6) / 6. Tuxhorn (8) 7. Crawford (9) 8. Faucon (2) 9. Ji. Moughan (4) 10. Budde (10) DNS – AJ Bruns, C. Bruns
The 12-lapper started ugly.  After the first start was called back for a Faucon jump, Terry slid up the track on the second, contacting Faucon, and collecting Moughan, Budde and Tuxhorn, who was the only one to continue.  Hurley spun on the restart and went to the tail.  Terry led Leary and Patton early, while Hurley quickly made it back up to fourth.  On lap nine, Hurley got by Patton for third.  Leary, making his second wing start ever, looked to gain confidence as the race went on.  He passed Terry for the lead coming for the white flag.
A main (started): 1. Tripplett (3) 2. Price-Miller (2) 3. Loyet (7) 4. Nienhiser (6) 5. Andruskevitch (4) 6. Urish (8) 7. Blackhurst (9) 8. Babb (10) 9. Miller (13) 10. Patton (12) 11. Terry Jr. (11) 12. Jo. Moughan (16) 13. Bunton (14) 14. Smith (15) 15. Peck (5) 16. Leary (17) 17. Bayston (1) 18. Ju. Standridge (20) 19. Je. Standridge (19) 20. Hurley (18)
Bayton jumped out to the lead in the 25-lapper over Price-Miller and Tripplett.  Loyet had moved into the top five by lap five, as the leaders entered traffic.  Peck was running fourth on lap nine when he spun.  The restart saw clear track ahead of Bayton, Price-Miller, Tripplett, Loyet and Andruskevitch.  At the halfway point, rubber was laid through the middle of the track.  Bayston suffered a flat tire, got high in turn three and made hard contact with the wall.  As he pulled off, the lead was handed to Price-Miller.  He, Tripplett and Loyet were nose to tail approaching traffic.  With two to go, Price-Miller entered turn three a little low, giving Tripplett just enough room to pull beside him.  Tripplett would carry that momentum around him to lead the last two laps and grab an exciting win.  It was his first ever with the MOWA series.
Logan SeaveyLogan Seavey POWRi Midgets
Heat one (started, *qualified for feature): 1. Nick Knepper 55 (2*) 2. Tyler Thomas 91T (4*) 3. Tucker Klaasmeyer 27 (6*) 4. Jake Neuman 3N (7*) 5. Cody Wiesensel 20 (1) 6. Joey Moughan 29 (3) 7. Robby McQuinn 09 (5)
Eight lap heats took the top sixteen in passing points to the A main.  Knepper led Thomas and Klaasmeyer the distance.  McQuinn hit the turn one wall and flipped hard on the second lap.  Moughan moved into fifth on the restart, but did all but flip his midget in turn two late in the race.  He did well to save it, but couldn’t recover his position.
Heat two (started, *qualified for feature): 1. Gage Walker 57 (1*) 2. Kyle Schuett 9K (4) 3. Terry Babb 37x (5*) 4. Tanner Carrick 71K (2) 5. Brayton Lynch 1K (6*) 6. Aidan Roosevans 6A (3) 7. Aaron Schuck 53 (7)
Walker led wire to wire.  Behind him, Roosevans and Carrick traded third place as they battled back and forth.  Lynch spun at the halfway point, bringing a yellow.  Walker led Schuett, Carrick, Babb and Roosevans back to green.  Babb would use the restart to snag third from Carrick.
Heat three (started, *qualified for feature): 1. Colten Cottle 5c (1*) 2. Holly Shelton 67K (5*) 3. Spencer Bayston 97 (6*) 4. Zeb Wise 39 (7*) 5. Daniel Robinson 57D (3) 6. Shelby Bosie 3B (4) 7. Jonathan Miller 56 (2)
Cottle led Robinson and Shelton through lap one.  Shelton slid in front of Robinson for second on lap two.  Bayston was on the move from sixth as well and captured third.  Wise was running the Clauson/Marshall #39.
Heat four (started, *qualified for feature): 1. Logan Seavey 4A (3*) 2. Andy Malpocker 22 (2*) 3. Broc Hunnell F5 (4*) 4. Zach Daum 5D (1*) DNS – Eric Johnson 82, Joey Wirth 77w, Andrew Felker 37
Three drivers were unable to start after attempting to do so.  Daum shot out to a lead, while Seavey took second from Malpocker at the halfway point.  Coming for the white flag, Daum would lose power and pull off while leading.
Tyler ThomasTyler Thomas B main (started): 1. Carrick (1) 2. Roosevans (6) 3. Bosie (4) 4. Robinson (2) 5. Schuck (7) 6. McQuinn (8) / 7. Miller (9) 8. Moughan (5) 9. Wiesensel (3) 10. Johnson (10) 11. Wirth (11) DNS – Felker
Six cars were involved in a first lap pileup in turn three.  Johnson and Wirth could not continue.  Carrick led the 12-lapper over Bosie and Roosevans.  It looked like things may go non-stop, before Moughan spun while in a transfer spot with one lap to go.  Roosevans had just passed Bosie for second at that point.  Robinson passed Schuck for fourth on the restart, while McQuinn nailed down the final transfer.
A main (started): 1. Thomas (4) 2. Seavey (1) 3. Bayston (8) 4. Wise (14) 5. Roosevans (18) 6. Malpocker (6) 7. Lynch (16) 8. Schuett (5) 9. Klaasmeyer (7) 10. Cottle (11) 11. Bosie (19) 12. Neuman (13) 13. Walker (10) 14. Daum (15) 15. Knepper (3) 16. Schuck (21) 17. Babb (12) 18. Carrick (17) 19. McQuinn (22) 20. Hunnell (9) 21. Robinson (20) 22. Shelton (2)
The 30-lapper was led early by Shelton over Thomas and Seavey.  Knepper entered the top three, sliding in front of Seavey on lap three.  A return slider by Seavey drew contact, but failed.  On lap six, Thomas did a slider on Shelton for the lead.  The caution flew on lap 12 for a spun Cottle.  Walker and Bayston had been waging a great battle for fourth up to that point.  Bayston would grab the spot after the restart, while Knepper and Seavey went at it again as well.  Seavey would take that spot on lap 16.  Two laps later, Babb flipped in turn one and was none too pleased with Walker when he emerged.  The crash also collected Carrick.  Thomas still held a lead, but Daum was up to fifth from fifteenth as well.  Daum would gain third on lap 20, and second from Seavey on lap 22.  At that point, Lynch would tip over.  Thomas led Daum, Seavey, Bayston and a charging Wise back to green.  It would only last a lap, as Knepper, Walker and Neuman were involved in an incident in turn four.  Only Neuman would continue.  Under caution, Daum would see his right rear go flat, hading second to Seavey.  One last caution saw Bosie and Cottle involved.  Thomas would pull away to win after a last ditch slide effort from Seavey.  It was his fourth POWRi victory of the year, and tenth in his career.