West Coast Results and Stories from the Weekend of June 18

Monday, June 20, 2016
Sean BeckerSean Becker West Coast News and Notes from the June 17th weekend..... 
By Adam J. Ulrey 
The two big sprint car series were on tab for the weekend in California with both the 410 King of the West Sprints and the 360 series called the Civil War Series. 
The Civil War was run at Petaluma Speedway with 26 cars showing up and after Sean Becker set fast time he would also go on to win the Feature over local Zack Lynskey and Andy Forsberg. 
Saturday June 18, 2016  Petaluma Speedway, Petaluma, California 
Civil War Series 
26 Cars 
Fast Time:  35 Sean Becker  12.864 
Heat #1:  35 Sean Becker, 5v Seth Nunes, 21 Michael Ing, 7h Jake Haulot, 9 DJ Freitas, 
  88 Koen Shaw, 42 Chase Majdic, 10x Roberto Kirby, 99 Tony Guald 

Heat #2:  4s Michael Kofoid, 27r Brett Rollag, x1 Mason Moore, 43 Bradley Terrell,  63 Geoff Ensign, 24b Klint Simpson, 9L Cody Lamar, 12j John Clark, 91ri Eli Deshaies

Heat #3:  7n Zack Lynskey, 5 Kirt Organ, 7c Andy Forsberg, 92 Logan Seavey, 29r Riley Matson,  52 Davis Lindt, 24 Justin Henry, 56 Marissa Polizzi 
Dash:  7n Lynskey, 35 Becker, 7c Forsberg, 63 Ensign, x1 Moore, 4s Kofoid, 7h Haulot 
B Main:  52 Lidnt, 9L Lamar, 88 K Shaw, 24 Henry, 10x Kirby, 12j Clark, 91ri Deshaies, 
  42 Madjic, 55 Polizzi 
A Main:  35 Becker, 7n Lynskey, 7c Forsberg, 43 Terrell, x1 Moore, 63 Ensign, 27r Rollag, 
  7h Haulot, 9L Lamar, 21 Ing, 5v Nunes, 9 Freitas, 29r Matson. 4S Kofoid, 10x Kirby, 
  5 Organ, 92 Seavey, 24 Henry, 12j Clark, 52 Lindt, 88 K Shaw, 91ri Deshaies
Bud KaedingBud Kaeding In the King of the West 20 410 Sprint cars would show up at Stockton Dirt Track and it would be a Kaeding, probably the most well know sprint car name in the state. But it would be the Hall of Fame dad Brent Kaeding getting the win but his son Bud Kaeding holding off Mitchell Faccinto for the win. 

Willie Croft got the night off by setting fast time at 13.522 and the three heat winners were Jonathan Allard, DJ Netto and Bud Kaeding. 
Saturday June 18, 2016  Stockton Dirt Track, Stockton, California 
King of the West 
20 Cars 
Fast Time:  29 Willie Croft  13.522 
Heat #1:  3c Jonathan Allard, 68 Chase Johnson, 21x Kyle Hirst, 29 Willie Croft, 00 Jason Statler, 12p Scott Parker, 54 Bill Hopper 

Heat #2:  88n DJ Netto, 31c Justyn Cox, 3 Craig Stidham, 5h Cory Eliason, 49 Mike Monahan, 93 Stephen Ingraham, 7 Steven Kent

Heat #3:  0 Bud Kaeding, 37 Mitchell Faccinto, 17 Justin Sanders, 12 Jarrett Soares, 98 Sean Watts, 2r Richard Brace Jr. 
Dash:  37 Faccinto, 5h Eliason, 3c J Allard, 3 Stidham, 21x Hirst, 0 Bu Kaeding, 29 Croft, 88n Netto 
A Main:  0 Bu Kaeding, 37 Faccinto, 3c J Allard, 29 Croft, 17 Sanders, 21x Hirst, 88n Netto, 3 Stidham, 5h Eliason, 68 C Johnson, 31c Cox, 7 Kent, 98 Watts, 12 Soares, 93 Ingraham, 00 Statler, 49 Monahan, 54 Hopper, 2r Brace Jr., 12p Parker DNS
Brad FurrBrad Furr Brad Furr stole the show on Friday Night at Ocean Speedway in the weekly Taco Bravo 360 Sprint series where he set fast time and won the 30 lap A Main beating Jeremy Chisum to the line. 
Friday June 17, 2016  Ocean Speedway, Watsonville, California 
Taco Bravo 360 Sprints 
19 Cars 
Fast Time:  2f Brad Furr  11.623 
Trophy Dash:  92 Seavey, 72w Nelson, 3 Montgomery, 58 Bonnema, 4s Kofoid, 10 Simone, 2f Furr, 8 Jeremy Chisum 
A Main:  2f Furr, 8 Je Chisum, 12p Parker, 5 Markle, 88 K Shaw, 21 Tarlton, 92 Seavey, 4s Kofoid, 9j D Golobic, 21x Cole Macedo, 58 Bonnema, 58x M Barber, 55 Malifati, 99 Katen, 72w Nelson, 25z Ja Chisum, 33 Ashe, 3 Montgomery, 10 Simone

Lance NorickLance Norick In Arizona at Canyon Speedway Park the ASCS Southwest region would be in action and the Wing 360 sprints would see former NASCAR Truck series driver Lance Norick take the win. Norick used to drive in the Truck series years ago and has since gone back to driving his #90 winged sprint car all over Arizona. 
Saturday June 18, 2016  Canyon Speedway Park, Peoria, Arizona 
ASCS Southwest Region 
15 Cars 
Heat #1:  51 RJ Johnson, 14us Ricky Hood, 8 Bob Beam Jr., 2 Alex Pettis, 12 James Mosher, 22b Jessie Baker, 91 Casey Buckman, 14 Cody Sickles

Heat #2:  9s Derek Sell, 74 Colton Hardy, 20z Rick Ziehl, 29 Daren Sickles, 90 Lance Norick, 01 Kaylene Verville, 32b Brian Hosford, 0 Brian Hattlestad 
A Main:  90 Norick, 20z Ziehl, 74 Hardy, 8 Beam Jr., 9s Sell, 51 Johnson, 2 Pettis, 32b Hosford, 01 Verville, 22b Baker, 29 D Sickles, 14 C Sickles, 91 Buckman, 12 Mosher, 14us Hood