Johnny Gibson and Tony Bokhoven Made Me Feel Like I Was There!

Tuesday, August 16, 2016
Even in Oregon, Adam felt like he was in Knoxville (Dave Biro - DB3 Images)Even in Oregon, Adam felt like he was in Knoxville (Dave Biro - DB3 Images) By Adam J. Ulrey
I'm a huge baseball fan and love listening to baseball games on the radio. Having grown up listening to the greats paint a picture and make you feel like you were sitting along the third base or first base side, where the clouds were or what the people were wearing was just like being there. Listening to Vin Scully of the Dodgers, Ernie Harwell of the Tigers, Harry Caray of Cubs or Jack Brickhouse of the Cubs was just pure joy. Well this past weekend I got that same feeling listening to Johnny Gibson and Tony Bokhoven call the Knoxville Nationals. It was awesome as I live in Oregon and was not able to be there they made you feel like you were right in the stands. I watch the replays on The Cushion every week of the Knoxville races and love the way Bokhoven calls the races and his enthusiasm for the sport and his job. Then you add the excitement and that high pitch voice Johnny gets when he gets excited and you have 5 hours of just pure joy. For those that were there or didn't hear the call please go to and click on the replay cause its just magical. They would switch off and never once step on each other it was professionally done. They pointed out how the track looked and let you know what was going on all night long. To hear that 50/50 raffle was won by a guy for over 20,000 and then he turned around and gave all of it to the Clauson's was just the best. There is no other sport where stuff like this happens. That's why sprint car racing and sprint car fans are the best thing going. We lost BC this past week and to see the way the sprint car community came together was overwhelming. So it was a long week and yet on the final night of the Nationals, Gibson and Bokhoven brought it all around and brought the excitement of one of the greatest Nationals ever to life and we got to just go racing and we all needed that. Thank you for your joy and your love for the sport cause it came out in your call Saturday night and made a fan back in Oregon feel like I was in the stands watching. Great Job!!!!!