Wednesdays with Wayne - Taking Momentum Into Dirt Cup

Wednesday, June 20, 2018
Bryan Hulbert - ALGER, Wash. (June 20, 2018) Working through the 2018 ASCS Sizzlin' Summer Speedweek that included the season's second Lucas Oil American Sprint Car Series presented by victory, Wayne Johnson will take on the 47th annual Jim Raper Memorial Dirt Cup presented by the Skagit Casino Resort.
"I'm looking forward to this weekend. We figured out a few things on the car and got some parts swapped out that was causing us trouble so hopefully, we can keep our speed up and get a Dirt Cup win."

While Speedweek may have started on a rough note, the next four outings produced three top-tens, two podium finishes, and a win at Lawton Speedway.

"We were a lot better, just had some challenging tracks. Devil's Bowl was so fast around the top, you just couldn't do much unless someone messed up, so we ended up seventh, but considering how Speedweek started we were a lot better."

Winning the following night at Lawton Speedway, Johnson spent most of the A-Feature holding off Sammy Swindell. Adding to the fun, the team even brought their own confetti.

"Hey, we wanted Confetti, so we found these things at the Dollar Store and they worked pretty good," chuckled Wayne. "We had the car really good at Lawton, which was great because our draw was terrible. We started last in the Heat and got to second I'll be honest, I was actually really surprised how fast the track slicked off."

Drawing second in the Feature, Wayne held off Sammy Swindell for the win.

"The track was around the top, so we got about the best starting spot possible. Early on we could run pretty hard, but towards the end, you really had to be careful and once we got to traffic, I was following Harli and just decided not to really push it. I figured with the track the way it was, Sammy was going to have a hard time getting around me."

Stuck mid-pack the following night at Creek County Speedway, the Speedweek finale at Salina Speedway saw Wayne rebound to a runner-up finish.

"At Creek, we just made all the wrong moves and got the car way to free. Pretty much, it was just a matter of finishing there then at Salina, the track slicked off early with the wind. You could pretty much run one and two as hard as you wanted, but if you missed it going into turn three, you were sliding off the track. We got to second, and just had to wear the tires out to get through traffic. At one point, I thought we had something for Sammy, but the caution with two to go and with worn out tires, it was going to be tough to get him after that."

Racing at Skagit Speedway on June 21, 22, and 23 begins at 7:00 P.M. (PDT) each night.
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Recent Results:

6/12/2018 - Devil's Bowl Speedway (Mesquite, Texas)

Heat: 4th [8th]
A-Feature: 7th [8th]

6/13/2018 - Lawton Speedway (Lawton, Okla.)

Heat: 2nd [9th]
A-Feature: 1st [2nd]

6/14/2018 - Creek County Speedway (Sapulpa, Okla.)

Heat: 6th [8th]
A-Feature: 13th [16th]

6/16/2018 - Salina Speedway (Salina, Kan.)

Heat: 1st [4th]
A-Feature: 2nd [5th]
Season To Date:
Races: 34; Wins: 3; Top-5: 16; Top-10: 22; Top-20: 30;

Up Next: Dirt Cup

June 21, 22, and 23 at Skagit Speedway (Alger, Wash.)

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